6 terrifying creatures that visit your dreams

There is a very scary and intriguing theme that has taken away the sleep of many people, these are the stories and legends of monsters, ghosts, creatures that visit us in the hours that we are most vulnerable, that is, in the night when there is darkness. These creatures are myths that many claim to have seen and have felt in dreams and that their presence has a reason for being and meaning, which can be known in the dictionary of dreams.

And is that dreams are not presented without reason, but on the contrary, they always have a meaning about something that the subconscious says loudly, but we can only hear them in dreams, being disturbing, but very recurrent dreaming of spirits and Spectra that scare us and that even, according to many urban legends, are capable of taking the souls of the weakest. Therefore, below we present you, the most feared creatures that can visit you in dreams and their meaning.

Raven Mocker

In the Indian – American culture of the Cherokee Indians, there is a legend of a witch feared by all the sorcerers of this culture, this diabolical witch only comes out at night and shows up while everyone at home sleeps. The witch visits dying people in dreams, their physical presence can be noticed with the appearance of crows that appear flying to steal the soul from the sick, dying and dying people.

If a crow visits a house at night it is because it wants to steal the soul from the sick while it sleeps, therefore, to protect the souls, the families of this tribe, looked for a healer to protect the souls and to watch the corpses of the recent dead, if the corpse was guarded, the witch could not steal the soul, but if they did not watch it, the dying person would be taken by the witch, who would suffocate him.

The relatives would only wake up thinking that the patient died, when in reality his soul was possessed and stolen, while he felt a deep pain. In this indigenous belief, also the corpse had to be watched until its respective burial, after the body was buried, the witch could not steal the soul.


Demonio Mare

This creature comes from the word “cursed spirit”, this infernal figure is like a gnome that drowns people who sleep if they are not awake, but these creatures do not arrive in dreams alone, but they are presented to the person who dozes along with the male of his species, who bites the breasts of men to take blood and the breasts of women to drink breast milk.

After possessing the person who sleeps, if he does not wake up, they end up killing him. To be able to sleep peacefully and this dream or nightmare does not happen, people must close the lock of the door of their house very well at bedtime, because these evil spirits of sleep are presented if the locks are left open and they are a signal of death and misfortune for those who see them.



The Hatter

This is a shadow of a man with an old hat with red eyes that paralyzes the fear of those who see them in dreams, preventing them from moving and awakening, their meaning is a sign of anguish and disturbance in life. This figure does not fade but is removed walking, there are some people who have touched in dreams and is recognized as a malevolent entity.


Thousands of people claim to have been visited by aliens in their dreams, claiming to have levitated and feel pain with the visits of the extraterrestrials, calling abductions to these visits, because while they sleep they connect telepathically with these beings from another world. Those who have had these dreams, explain that this happens in the stage of deep sleep, but the sightings in dreams are many and presumed to be true, because even those affected awaken with marks on their body and confess not to return to sleep well from that strange presence.

Dreaming of extraterrestrials and feeling it is a sign that you were visited by them or that you need contact with spiritual beings.

People shadow

This is a common phenomenon, their reports are black silhouettes, they appear at the edge of sight and move through the walls, in other cases the shadows are aggressive they remain standing and observe in a mysterious and disturbing way the person while he is asleep, they are short of mass, they move fast they are cursed entities that hurt, hang and strangle.

Feeling your presence in dreams is a sign of emotional emptiness, family and work problems.

La Llorona

Dreaming of the legend of the weeping woman is a recurring phenomenon, much more than people think, this is a ghost or spirit and although it is associated with something fearful or problematic, it actually has another meaning, however, it is necessary to review the dictionary of dreams to be clearer of what it means and its relevance in the life of those who face this ghostly figure in dreams.

The first of the meanings of dreaming of the legend of the weeping woman is a message from the subconscious of certain affective deficiencies. Now, everything depends on how the weeper appears, if she appears complaining is a sign of love, personal and emotional problems that are affecting your life. If the weeper levitates without complaining, it is a sign of success and that what you are undertaking is going to be very good and productive.

If the weeper is dressed in black is that the failure comes in your life or that your sex life is very bad and you must do something immediately to remedy it, if the weeper follows you is that changes come and that you must face the situations and move forward .

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