Tree that gives crosses

Since the beginning of time, humanity has witnessed what we call manifestations of faith, which have been shaped in some divine images such as the child’s image on the mattress or the case in Guatemala of La Virgen del Pan. Facts that have certainly reinforced the faith of  believers, but… what if the nature itself finds a way to give some kind of divine message? Unique in the world is how this tree has been catalogued due to its antiquity and legend, that still causes amazement to locals and tourists who come to this place to corroborate the perfection of the thorns, that perfectly form the shape of a cross. Let’s see the amazing story of this tree and its thorns in a Convent in Queretaro, Mexico.

The legend of the Tree that bears Crosses in Queretaro.

Tree that gives CrossesAccording to this legend, it was in 1697, when Antonio de Marfil the Franciscan, one of the first evangelizers to arrive to these lands, had placed his walking stick next to him, to rest under the shade of a tree, after a long walk through the indigenous communities, falling asleep by fatigue, waking up after a while but his walking stick was left there and ended buried in that place. And like this, after a long time, that walking stick sprouded becoming the leafy tree that has endured to this day, in the yard of the convent and the Church de la Santa Cruz, how it was called.

There are many miracles that are supposed to occur just for getting one of the thorns from this tree, some people talk about healing incurable diseases, even bringing in family harmony to those who have it. There are thousands of testimonies which over time are still commented by the old locals who sitting in the gardens that surround this beautiful place, give a magical touch and increase the interest of visitors. This tree is found inside the convent’s gardens, and is called La Santa Cruz de Los Milagros, which was founded in 1683 setting the guideline for the foundation of Queretaro city.

Friar Antonio de Marfil an envoy from God.

Antonio de Marfil

This fact marked a change among the old population that received the prodigious sign of faith, and they incorporate into evangelization because they saw Friar Antonio as a true envoy of God. It was for a short time that this kindly Franciscan remained in the city, since he was sent to other missions to Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and part of the American Union, counting 14 years of service.

The truth about the Tree that bears Crosses. Investigation.

In this way a Paranormal Investigation group, made a field study to determinate the popularity of this tree, that even nowadays it keeps producing thousands of cross-shaped thorns every year. These thorns seem to be embedded in its stem, without bearing flowers or fruits. Therefore, we could appreciate that visitors crowded to get to this place where the tree has been for around 300 years, and some people say, that even today this tree keeps making true miracles, through the cross-shaped thorns, people are protected from anything that may happen on their paths, so visitors try to not leave the convent and Church of La Santa Cruz de los Milagros, until they get one of these thorns.

Querétaro City

Queretaro is a magical and mystical city, the spirit of the religious Antonio de Marfil prowls the gardens where his walking stick came to life, and continues to fill with faith parishioners’ hearts, and awakening curiosity of many people since this fact is considered unique in the world.

It worths to mention that many people have tried to plant in their homes pieces of this tree with no results, since it is said that only the one who has Friar Antonio de Marfil’s virtue with a heart, that embraces every poor person of the world and because of this and despite time, this tree still bears cross-shaped thorns instead of flowers, maybe as a reminder to people of  Jesus sacrifice for our sins salvation. Here you will see an extraordinary reportage video about Queretaro’s Church and the tree that bears cross-shaped thorns.

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