Alyssa Carson: the 15 year old girl who wants to die on Mars

Alyssa Carson is 15 years old, she is one of the future astronauts who will travel to Mars. A lot has been said about this girl, since she is the girl who wants to die on Mars. In fact, she is one of the candidates with more chances, but behind this there is a risk. If Alyssa manages to land on the red planet, she will never be able to return to Earth. Although she does not care if she does not return, her dream is to be part of the first manned flight to Mars and she is willing to fulfill it.

Her second home is the Huntsville camp in Alabama, where young people can experience what we can consider the closest experience to a real space mission on Mars. Although Alyssa feels that she is more than ready to make this trip, she must still undergo a selection process and be able to be part of the first six astronauts that will be chosen by NASA and will make their arrival on the red planet in 2030.

Alyssa Carson – Biography

Alyssa is from Louisiana, USA, is a candidate who has a great chance to be part of the first expedition that will travel to Mars with the intention of forming a human colony that will inhabit the planet in about 20 years, with only 15 years of age this girl is clear about what she wants to do in 2030 and for this she has been trained since she was 3 years old at NASA and she is part of the Mars One project.

Her dream is to become an astronaut and part of the project that will arrive first at the red planet. The young woman trains daily at the space flight center for several hours a day, and organizes visits to the training camps of NASA, where she conducts experiments and practices with elements of robotics and aviation, as well as studying several languages ​​such as French, Chinese and Spanish, in order to interact with those who will be her future colleagues.

This project is estimated to cost about 6 billion dollars, then send new astronauts every two years at a cost of 4 billion per trip to form a colony of 25 humans.

The girl who wants to travel to Mars

Alyssa Carson is determined to be part of the first astronaut crew to reach the red planet, she assures that what she is doing is to save humanity, since something can happen and there is a possibility that this crew of astronauts can survive. This young woman also affirms that her father is a great support for her.

Alyssa’s father shares this challenge with her, also, they have talked about the risks of this great trip without return, and with their support, Alyssa has become the only person who has been able to pass all the tests at such a young age of the NASA space camps she has attended, in both intellectual and physical trials.

Alyssa affirms that she knows each of the risks involved in making this trip, including the possibility of losing her life, but she assures that although she does not know if what she is doing really is preparing herself to die in Mars. There is a chance for her to come bac and being able to tal to children showing them, through this experience, the necessary inspiration so they know that they can fulfill their dreams.

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