Speaking of time travelers, in the movie Back to the Future we saw the case of a man who became a millionaire when he traveled to the future and stole an old sports performance calendar, so he could travel to the past and gambling made all his fortune. Well, this case is a test of time travel and it’s about a man named Andrew Carlssin, who made a lot of money investing in the stock market and said he knew the information because it came from the future.

Andrew Carlssin, the Time Traveler in the Stock Exchange.

It was 2003 and the stock exchange was going through its best, but suddenly something stood out in the eyes of investors, a man named Andrew Carlssin obtained unusual profits and this motivated him to be summoned by the FBI for an interrogation, it was presumed that he was accessing privileged information. The investments started with $ 800 and in just two weeks already recorded an increase of almost $ 350 million.

andrew carlssin

The investments that Andrew Carlssin did, in total 126, were very high risk and all were right, this was simply impossible and the FBI then started the investigation. In the interrogation Andrew had to admit in front of the FBI agents that he was a time traveler from the year 2256, The agents, seeing the accuracy of the information that Carlssin handled, decided to leave him in custody and continued to interrogate him, Andrew told them:

“I am not able to help myself that is why I must generate economic resources to survive, it is hard to know that you’re trying to err on purpose to lose money in one operation and in another to make it look real, but I have let myself be carried away by greed.”

Andrew Carlssin’s Predictions.

Carlssin told the agents that at the time he knew all the information of the stock market transactions of these years and that it was very common to study them as de facto cases in the economy of that future, therefore, anyone who knows this information is logical that he would be tempted to use it. But he not only revealed these details of the bag, he also wanted to test what he said by giving a series of predictions that left the FBI Agents impacted, and these are:

  • It provided the exact date of the invasion of Iraq.
  • He offered information on the exact whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.
  • He said he knew the cure for AIDS, he also delivered it.

One of Carlssin’s most salient statements in the interrogation was how they perceive time in the future, he said:

“Time is all, everything in the universe moves, governs work thanks to time, I am right here with you in this time, therefore, this is my time.”

Andrew Carlssin the Truth.

This time traveler only asked in exchange that they let him go to return to his time machine and be able to return to the future, then the agents agreed to release him only if he took them to where the time machine was and told them how it worked, to which Andrew refused alleging that this information could fall into dangerous hands and it was not convenient that at this time it was still known how to travel in time.

Although the FBI tried to investigate the life of Andrew Carlssin from all possible sources it was not possible to obtain a record beyond a few months even though he was 44 years old at the time of his arrest. Something very strange, because everything seemed to indicate that before that date he would not have existed.

Andrew Carlssin is still alive.

Carlssin was released on presentation, but had a hearing pending on April 2, 2003, for which his lawyer had arranged an appointment with him to meet and prepare the pleadings of the trial, but Carlssin didn’t appear. From that moment the media did not report more on his whereabouts or more was learned about this strange case, it can only be affirmed that he managed to escape and surely he lived perhaps in another time or in his own.

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