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EgyptWe are all waiting for what could happen to the world after the magnate Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the United States, what his future will be, his decisions and what direction our civilization will take depending on his decisions, but we also want to know what will happen to the extraterrestrial theme, will there be any important findings? Will those races of aliens that today coexist in our world finally reveal themselves to us? Faced with all these questions we decided to consult the cards, but not any deck of cards, the oldest and most accurate, the Egyptian cards: the Ra Tarot, asking the Arcana what happened with Donald Trump, the extraterrestrial agenda and the world in general. The answers will surprise you; let’s see what the arcana said.

For this consultation we used the technique of the triads, we focused on 3 fundamental themes, the first Donald Trump, the second extraterrestrial agenda and the third the world in general, let’s see in detail each of these themes and what the arcane say that it holds us for this 2018.

The arcana speak about the World in 2018

This year is seen by the arcane as a new century, because cabalistically is a year 1, when the query was made the first card that came out was:

The Arcane 18: it indicates that this year is marked by darkness, confusion and deception. There will be an unforeseen event, something that will shake the world and that nobody expected.

The arcane 69: this arcane reinforces the prediction of an unforeseen event, there we can see a man walking while he’s covering his eyes with one of his hands, leaving all the trust in the goddess Nut, clearly reflecting the dangerous steps that humanity takes totally unaware of his actions and seems to leave everything to chance.

The Arcane 35: This arcane shows us a woman in this mourning, which indicates the pain and grief that humanity will suffer as a result of this unforeseen event, which will bring crisis and dismay.

The Arcane 5: When the 5th essence is revealed cabalistically this arcane is revealed it represents the appearance of a leader, a nation with power or entity. Opening a stage of mercy, help, forgiveness and kindness will stop those supervening events that are about to occur. Therefore it can be concluded that this crisis will pass through the hands of this leader or will be the one who helps humanity in the face of these events.

What do the arcana of Donald Trump say?

When the arcana were asked by the President of the United States Donald Trump for what is left of the year 2018, this is what they said:

arcane 17 ar arcane 38 arcane 44

Arcane 44: it represents changes, resolution and determination, features that characterize the personality and attitude of Donald Trump.

Arcane 38: this arcane represents duality and sagacity, which indicates that its actions will be oriented towards what we already know decisions of all kinds that will affect some interests and benefit others. It can also be said that in some of those decisions, especially the most controversial ones, there could be a change of mind.

Arcane 17: a light of hope reflects that the solution to some problems that affect specific regions of influence of Mr. Trump can provide satisfactions and strong emotions, but nothing tragic.

Arcane 18: to reveal the 5th essence cabalistically, appears this arcane, manifesting confusion, darkness, danger and deception, also the presence of hidden enemies. Therefore, we can conclude that President Trump will take controversial decisions that could benefit countries of the continent and other very controversial decisions in which he will end up recanting, but we can see no tragedy and world catastrophe for his actions.

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The Extraterrestrial Agenda for 2018 according to the Tarot Ra

Extraterrestrial life has always awakened our curiosity, year after year we see more and more evidence that we are not alone, and as usual we are always attracted to the unexplained, so we asked the arcana about the aliens for this year and this was what went out:

Arcane 76: this arcane is marked as the dispenser, in it we can clearly observe the differentiation of two races, one superior that is the one that gives and another inferior or less advanced that is the one that receives. On this it is foreseen that a very large and powerful nation will reveal classified information about the existence of advanced civilizations in other worlds beyond our galaxy. Understanding that the big figure is the powerful country that owns the information and the small figures are the rest of the world that receives it.

Arcane 28: this arcane tells us that the information that will be revealed will leave more division and confusion among humanity, because it is not yet ready to assimilate it, so even if the source is very reliable, there will be controversy and discredit.

Arcane 19: This arcane indicates that there is a fundamental truth that will emerge from all truths; this could be an irrefutable proof that is reinforced by more direct evidence as a contact or communication with these higher beings.

Arcane 6: to reveal the 5th essence cabalistically, appears this arcane, which indicates that there will be a point in this year 2018 in which decisions must be made regarding this issue that will produce an important change for humanity.

Finally we can say that what remains of the year 2018 will have several surprises that have not yet been revealed, we hope that the world can receive them without so much trauma and that we can advance as a single body in the cosmos towards peace. Share this article in your social network.

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