Artabán, the fourth Wise King who was censured by the catholic church

Surely, you are one of the millions of people who have been told the story of the Three Wise Men. Its tradition and celebration is the norm in the Catholic religion, but were they really 3? Only one of the 4 gospel books that speaks of the birth of Jesus, mentions 3 Wise Man, is in the book of Matthew where these 3 characters are mentioned, in chapter 2, verses 1 to 3, there is a small text that says that from the east some magicians came to Jerusalem asking for the King of the Jews, assuring that they followed his star from the east and came to worship him.  In this article, you will learn the true story of the Magi, and of Artabán, the fourth magician king, who for dark reasons was censured by the Catholic Church; for what he really represents for the story.

In some countries such as Argentina or Spain, the delivery of Christmas gifts is usually not made on December 24 or 25, this is done on January 6 of the following year on the day of Kings, this is because on that date is when they deliver their offenses or gifts to the baby Jesus.

Were The Three Wise Men the representations of the 3 continents?

By making a study of the original language in which the Bible is written and comparing them with other books that were not accepted by the Christian canon, which tell more facts about Jesus and Moses, it is said that these Men were representatives of the cultures that  existed back then.

They presence in the birth of Jesus was more a symbolic act that represented Persia, Babylon and Asia, which were the three best known cultures of that time, this means that The Three Wise Men were the maximum representatives of the cultures that came from everyone to make an offering to the newborn son of God.    

And why only three? Curious right? or is it a mere coincidence? Could they be just a symbolic representation of the three gifts that were taken to the son of God? Therefore, historians read these books and they are not recognized by the holy Church, because this will be provided literally or as it will be taken as symbolic of all races of what were the 3 major empires known in the world, were represented by These 3 Men.

The following is extracted from the Gospel of the Childhood of the Apocryphal Texts: “Behold the magicians from the east, who brought with them a numerous army, came to the city of Jerusalem. They added 12,000 men, and all had come by order of God, from the land of the magicians, their homeland, located in the eastern regions”. In this case and taking this text from the original language, in the Persian language the word Magician refers to a wise man with monarchical abilities and political influence.

Some say you can take the Bible as if it were a history book, but for this you must accept that God opened the sea in two, allowing the passage to Moses and all Jews through him, it can also be taken as symbolic , poetic and mythological which marks certain historical facts.

Who were really The Wise Men? Did they really come from Persia?

There is one more element that links The Wise Kings Persia. In Ravenna, Italy, there is a 6th century mural and it is one of the first examples of Christian art, which shows the three figures, and the clothes they wear are tunics and pointed hats and trousers, which were clothes of the Persians and hence the name of Magicians. 

Artabán: really, how many Wise Men were they?

According to another one of the Apocryphal Texts it speaks of a fourth magician king, this was lost in the way to Jerusalem, called Artabán. According to these books taken from the bible, he was the only one who really found his way. Artabán also followed the star of Bethlehem, but in his way several people crossed, among them, a poor man, a sick man, a woman who would be sold because his family did not have money to eat, and to all of them he offered his help. This man took 30 years to find Jesus, just the day of his crucifixion, at that moment that Jesus is saying his last words of encouragement, the man hears a voice that says “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and You gave me a drink, I was naked and you dressed me, I was sick and you healed me, they took me prisoner and you freed me”.  This story can be found in one of the Apocryphal gospel books that were taken from the original bible.

The star of Bethlehem

A star that had as purpose to guide these Three Wise Men to the place where the son of God was, and after having “fulfilled his mission” disappears. According to a recognized astronomer who said what heaven was like at that time. This astronomer tells us that at that time there may have been a planetary conjunction, which was the one that guided the wise men and then disappeared in the sky. According to Matthew, who also talks about the star of Bethlehem, he says “and behold, the star that they had seen in the east went before them, until they came to a stop where the child was. And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with great joy. And when they entered the house they saw the child with his mother Mary “(Matthew 2: 9-11).

By knowing this story we can say that our lives have changed a little, to think whether these Three Wise Men really existed or were only a symbolic representation of the 3 great cultures and the most important empires of the time. It is also clear that for some reason the Catholic Church censured the fourth magician king Artaban, always trying to adapt his teachings to the convenience of the religious elite. There are many great physicists in history who take Jesus’ life very seriously, as well as some astronomers who talk about this star of Bethlehem which may have been only the alignment of the constellation of Pisces with the planet Jupiter being an element brighter than the rest in the sky.

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