Cancer Cure

Something that is terrible for humanity is this disease called cancer is the evil that modern societies have been suffering, and so far, no cure has been found. But more terrible than the disease, is the dark business that exists behind its treatments that prevents in one way or another the progress of the cancer cure that is so needed by humanity, and what is undoubtedly a mystery, because today and with the great advances in technology has not been able to find a way to destroy this disease, let’s know then what is happening and who are behind these important treatments against cancer.

Alarming increase in cancer cases in 2016

The numbers are clear and growing, this has caused alarms to ignite worldwide because it is expected that this increase in cancer cases will be maintained and accelerated according to statistics especially breast cancer, colon cancer, melanoma or  skin cancer  and prostate cancer that are the most common and the ones that are increasing, It is believed that 1 out of every 3 Americans has cancer and still does not know it. Let’s see the historical records:

  • 1900: 1 out of 20 people suffered from cancer.
  • In the 40: 1 out of 16 people suffered from cancer.
  • In the 70: 1 out of 10 people had cancer.
  • Nowadays: 1 out of 3 people suffer or may suffer the dreaded cancer.

At this time, it is almost certain that everyone in our family have somebody suffering from this terrible disease, the reasons range from climate, food, to genetic issues. However, there are cases of vegetarians who have had cancer or people who, without smoking a cigarette, get lung cancer, then in the end what is known is that modern society is being attacked by this evil and it is necessary to find the cure to stop it.

Dark business that prevents cancer cure

cancer cure

If there were the possibility of achieving a cure for this terrible disease, would they deliver it? Would they give it to all of humanity to eradicate the disease? No, and the reason is very simple: The medicines best valued by the pharmaceutical company are the ones that people should be taking throughout their lives, again and again, is there where the most money is made and this type of medicine is to treat cancer. Now imagine what would happen if they announced that the cancer cure was found? Buumm!!! and now that? The business is over, and the companies that make millions of dollars manufacturing these drugs go bankrupt.

A person with early detection of cancer spends an average of US $55,000 in the treatment, a whole delicacy for any industry, producing an article that has millions of customers who consume in such increased quantities per year and some for the rest of their lives. For this reason the FDA (Food and Drug Agency)is considered by many an ally of the pharmaceutical industry and not of people, because it is said that, protected by their audit controls, they let pass some things with dark consumer interests.

Possible cancer cures nowadays.

Even though the pharmaceutical universe conspires to prevent the discovery of a cure for cancer, great advances have been made and even cases where people have been cured thanks to different treatments that nowadays are being unattached to the back of the big industries and that at first sight these patients seem to be cured by magic but everything has an explanation, let’s look at some of these cases:

Child is cured of cancer with cannabis oil

cancer cure cannabis

Against all doctors’ prognosis has happened the case of a child who was cured of cancer despite having been given a few hours of life, 48 hours to be more exact. Although the use of cannabis for medical treatments has aroused great controversy among modern societies, this case draws much attention because this child managed to provide this treatment and nowadays is completely healthy.

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Lung cancer is attacked in Cuba with a vaccine

This treatment based on the scorpion venom does not cure the cancer but it does encapsulate it, i.e., it prevents it from growing, stopping the disease process of expansion, and best of all, that this vaccine is provided completely free, without a doubt, a breakthrough for people suffering from this common cancer that kills so many people each year.

The naturally cure of cancer the key is in the PH.

Cancer is reproduced and is difficult to stop for a reason that is defined as a key and is the PH of the body, the more the body acidifies, we are generating the conditions for cancer to flourish, but when a body is alkaline, not consuming processed or chemically treated foods, cancer cannot occur under these conditions and the person will be immune. All normal cells need oxygen, but cancer can live without it, so in a body with highly oxygenated alkaline pH levels and no acid is impossible for the cancer to develop. So the key to the mystery to prevent cancer is to have an alkaline diet.


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