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Since ancient times, humanity has experienced paranormal, natural and space phenomena that have not been resolved. Ancient Civilizations that used unknown technology to achieve their buildings, calendars or communication systems, even to be able to visit other worlds or dimensions with the help of superior beings or gods that contacted these ancient humans. We will explore all the mysteries of phenomena that occurred in antiquity and that today still continue to intrigue the modern scientific world. Possibly you have the answer.


Ollantaytambo an incredible temple built with antigravity

Although science still does not admit it, but what exists in Ollantaytamboan I something really impossible, located 80km northeast of Cuzco city 40km of Machu Picchu ruins, is a...

Derinkuyu Underground alien city – Secret revealed!

For many centuries, stories have been told about caverns and tunnels in the deepest part of the planet, underground passages that lead to monsters and God’s lands, but all...

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