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These are the most recent conspiracy theories, famous and known throughout the world and our universe. Groups and secret societies that control the world, governments that hide information from their citizens, assassinations that seek to change history, information for which the world is not yet ready, all this and more is here in unsolved mysteries of our world.

randy cramer

The truth about Randy Cramer the man who lived 17 years on Mars

We all have heard very varied information about NASA, which is a North American space agency that holds a large number of secrets, unknown technologies and contacts with beings...
mother teresa of calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta The Truth Revealed Dark Secrets

The truth sets you free, but sometimes that truth can tear down from an altar with the image you have of some person. Was Mother Teresa of Calcutta really...
Cancer Cure

Cancer Cure: Business Dark prevents progress

Something that is terrible for humanity is this disease called cancer is the evil that modern societies have been suffering, and so far, no cure has been found. But more...
True Origin of The Statue of Liberty represent Lucifer

True Origin of The Statue of Liberty: represent Lucifer

Much has been said of this statue, how big it is, what is made of the Statue of Liberty, which represents for American people a symbol of freedom and...
Scientists claim to have achieved the Human Immortality

Scientists claim to have achieved the Human Immortality

Throughout our history we have tried to explain why we are born, why we live and the strange reason why we die. But we really die just in God’s hands? or...

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the arcanes

The Arcanes: Tarot Predictions for 2018 Donald Trump and Extraterrestrials

EgyptWe are all waiting for what could happen to the world after the magnate Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the United States, what...
numbers repeat

Repeated numbers: The meaning of dreams in numerology

Knowing what those who are in other dimensional planes have to say to us is one of the things most desired by human beings,...
forer effect

Forer Effect: Horoscopes are fake

Millions of people every day read the horoscope on the internet, magazines and newspapers or watch it on television. Others end up paying thousands...