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The esotericism defined as a cluster of knowledge hidden from the senses and impenetrable to the mind is therefore difficult to understand. Esotericism comes from the combination of the Greek root that means inner side with the suffix -ismo that is defined as the knowledge framed within a series of traditions, doctrines, teachings and / or rites. We will review cases that have to do with these hidden practices such as black magic, white magic and spells and spells to defend yourself, you will learn what the sorcerer grades do and their darker techniques. We also analyze news, stories and meanings of witchcraft and sorcery symbols.

forer effect

Forer Effect: Horoscopes are fake

Millions of people every day read the horoscope on the internet, magazines and newspapers or watch it on television. Others end up paying thousands of dollars to seers, astrologers...
lilith adam

Lilith, the first wife of Adam wasn’t Eve and the Bible hid it

In the Bible is narrated what was the creation of the world, the beginning of humanity, all the origin of what we know today according to the book of...
Tarot Symbols

Tarot Symbols and its relationship with the Catholic Church

The symbols have a particularity that makes them relevant to any other form of communication, is that precisely when a symbol is observed is equal for all cultures, whatever...
cuerpo astral

These are the 5 astral and etheric levels of the body

People who investigate mysteries and enigmas are usually because they have seen or have lived one or several experiences that cannot be explained and that in science they haven’t...
White Magic Easy Rituals to fight Black Magic

White Magic Easy Rituals to fight Black Magic

Black Magic is itself, a series of rituals that allow access to the deepest, oldest and most evil hidden powers and knowledge of earth, this spells used in a...

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The 5 Secret Societies that control the world

The 5 Secret Societies that control the world

The excessive ambition to achieve more and more power in order to obtain more easily the own objectives, seems to be inherent essence to...

The strangest collections in the world

For many it is normal to hear about people who collect objects, such as bottles, postcards or stamps, among other common things. But, just...
6 terrifying creatures that visit your dreams

6 terrifying creatures that visit your dreams

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