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In this world strange and unforeseen phenomena happen, objects that move alone, appearances of entities or beings of light, demons, ghosts and sensations of contact with other planes of the universe that open the door to the unknown. Here is the strangest paranormal facts and that so far have no explanation, we show the evidence that makes these events irrefutable and confirming that something else happens between us that is not of this world.

cuerpo astral

These are the 5 astral and etheric levels of the body

People who investigate mysteries and enigmas are usually because they have seen or have lived one or several experiences that cannot be explained and that in science they haven’t...
fantasma la reforma

Video: A Ghost is captured at La Reforma Avenue in México

Mexico City I known by its large number of inhabitants, it is among the 20 most populated cities in the world with 22 million inhabitants, but it is also...
lupito ghosts

Lupito, the ghost child that torments Guanajuato (Evidence)

When we lose a loved one, it is normal that there is a feeling of emptiness and absence, even when this is a child because relatives deeply regret not...
apparitions of ghosts

Ghost Manifests in Guns and Roses Concert

There is an old legend, which tells that the inspiration of the great musicians of history comes from a place outside our world. This place that could be considered...
Pokemón Go

She met her husband’s ghost while she was playing Pokemón GO

In recent weeks we have been surprising the world by a new type of game, something no one expected and that few thought would happen, collective addiction is invading...
Tree that gives crosses

A Tree that gives crosses in its thorns

Since the beginning of time, humanity has witnessed what we call faith’s manifestations, which have ben captured in some divine images such as the child’s image on the mattress...

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Real fairies: proofs that prove their existence

Real fairies: proofs that prove their existence

Nature has many mysteries, dimensions that coexist in the same space and that sometimes communicate allowing human beings to be surprised by beings as...
Savant syndrome: causes and cases of superhuman by accident

Savant syndrome: causes and cases of superhuman by accident

There are people, classified as superhuman, with extraordinary abilities that are capable of performing feats that for the rest of the individuals would not...
Alyssa Carson: the 15 year old girl who wants to die on Mars

Alyssa Carson: the 15 year old girl who wants to die on Mars

Alyssa Carson is 15 years old, she is one of the future astronauts who will travel to Mars. This girl has talked a lot,...