Cats. Extraterrestrial Origin: evidences

Cats are the animals preferred by man to be a pet, they have important differences with the dog who is their closest competitor for human affection, but according to recent research the cat has not always been among us. The physical characteristics, hidden abilities and over natural, make this animal something much more than a simple domestic cat. Apparently the cats were brought to this world by superior beings, why are they here? Where are they coming from? Should we worry about having them close? Let’s analyze the strange mystery that surrounds the theory that cats are of extraterrestrial origin.

Cats are extraterrestrial spies

This peculiar theory that gives extraterrestrial origin to cats, indicates that they would be a kind of spies that record and report the development of humanity to higher beings that are in another plane and that receive these messages through an extremely advanced technology contained in these animals. It should be noted that cats have some elements that even science has not been able to decipher and that in this article we will analyze. If this theory is true, we would be living with an extraterrestrial spy who, in addition, we do the work of feeding and maintaining it so that it continues to carry out its work of monitoring and reporting everything we do and how we evolve.

Cats have been on the planet for a short time

The records of the existence of cats on our planet date back to ancient Egypt, that is, before those times there is no record of this animal species, as if it exists in almost all of them. Apparently, cats would have appeared on earth just at this time, in which these ancient but advanced civilizations that built the pyramids were at their peak.

It is also known that in Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods and the treatment they received was that of total privilege, very different from the other species that were treated effectively, like animals. They seemed to be, for these ancient civilizations, special beings that they were just getting to know and that for some reason they had to treat with great care and respect. According to information provided by Ryan Haupt, paleontologist at the University of Wyoming, modern cats were studied to determine their ancestor origin which led him to conclude that these animals appeared in Egypt thousands of years ago.

In the data found in records of laws of ancient Egypt, it was found that for that society it was prohibited to export domestic cats, which seems to explain why these animals do not appear in other societies until thousands of years later.

The privileged life of cats in Egypt

For the Egyptians the cats were gods, because it is believed that they were entered into this society by superior beings that not only helped humanity with technological knowledge, but also gave them these animals, specifically designed to serve as a companion and permanent, memory of the visit of the aliens to the earth.

Therefore, when a cat died was treated as the death of a relative, forcing a mourning for the lament of his death, were embalmed and buried with many outfits of luxury and wealth according to the importance of the family to which he belonged. The cats were buried in important cemeteries on the banks of the river Nile and whoever killed a cat had to face the death penalty by Egyptian law.

Aliens in the shape of a cat

Cats were not only divine gifts given by superior beings, there were also these beings that had the shape of a cat, like the cat-shaped bastet Goddess and represented joy and love. You can also see in several ancient scriptures the sun God Ra represented in the shape of a cat and a knife in his hand. All this makes it possible to decipher that those who gave the cats to the Egyptians were actually giving them a small portrait of them, just as today humans try to design machines and robots in our image and likeness.

The mystery of the purring of cats

The sound produced by cats is called purring, but although it sounds familiar to us, scientists have not yet been able to determine exactly how it is produced. Unlike other animals, cats do not have a specific organ to produce purring, this is very strange because we only know that a neuronal oscillator sends repetitive impulses to the muscles that are in the larynx making them vibrate more than 100 times per second, dilating the vocal cords, but that does not fully explain the sound, it’s like a kind of special communication that at least we do not know how to understand and maybe the ancient Egyptians did have a way of understanding.

The purr could also be a type of emission of signals or information to some kind of alien receiver, since it has been determined that the purr occurs just at the moments when the cat is in a state of alert and observed events that attract its attention . But then, will it be in the purr the key to know where the cats come from? If we could understand what the cats say with those sounds, would we have information about life in other worlds? Questions that arouse intrigue, but do not yet have an answer, because for science, why cats purr, is still a mystery to be solved.

What is very true and is currently under study is that cats help to cure diseases, purring have healing powers.

The face of the cats is a copy of gray UFOs

If you look at the face of a cat pulling its ears back, you will see that there is a similarity to the face we see in different portraits and photographs of gray UFOs. If you have a cat, do the test, and look how you can see large curved eyes in a bowed oval head and a small mouth.

Impressive, right? These traits that resemble gray UFOs, only give a small clue as to who were the true creators of these extraordinary animals, who are among us living together and who could have an origin outside this planet.

Cats have antigravitational properties

Apparently cats have a special property that allows them to defy gravity, as we know that extraterrestrial ships do but to a lesser extent, this explains why they can fall from such high distances and survive, something no other animal can do, also rise with jumps that seem almost impossible. Scientists have analyzed the fall of a cat and fail to explain how their supernatural ability allows them to manipulate the most essential laws of physics to fall as if gravity did not affect them.

Finally, we can conclude that these animals are not the same as the rest, they are special and have an incredibly peculiar design that was brought to the ground for some specific function that forces them to be by our side listening and looking at everything we do. To whom or who report this information ?, Maybe we will never know, but science will continue to study them to see if we can at least know how to communicate with them understanding their purr. But after reviewing this evidence there is no doubt that cats are of extraterrestrial origin.

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