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It is very possible that we have ever wished to travel in time, whether to the past or the future. Some would think about being able to correct an error, to prevent of some tragedy or simply to know how the earth will be in the future. There are people who claim to have traveled in time in very strange circumstances, but this case is off the limits, it is a man who claimed to have awakened in 3906 after having fallen into a coma, what he told in his chronicles of the future, is shocking.

Paul Amadeus Dienach wakes up in the year 3906.

Paul Amadeus Dienach was a German educator, who in 1921 suffered a very strange illness that deteriorated him to the point of falling into a coma for just over a year where he was held in a Geneva hospital. Finally, the day he woke up and was able to recover he became an unsociable person, very silent and was seen writing a lot.

paul amadeus dienach

What Dienach wrote, were some mysterious notes that nobody wanted to show him. He spent long hours writing in what he called his diary, but it was not known what they contained because he kept these writings with great secrecy.

Paul Amadeus Dienach’s Student.

In 1922 he traveled to Greece with a much deteriorated state of health, from there he hoped to improve his quality of life. There he meets Georgios Papachatzis, who would become his student and faithful follower with whom he established a solid friendship, but at the time his health deteriorated again, motivating him to leave again and this time it would be definitive.

Before leaving for the last time, Dienach gave Papachatzis a briefcase with very personal documents and authorized him to read them under the condition that he did not show them to anyone. Time passed and in 1924 Georgios received the news that his teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach had died of tuberculosis.

What did the writings of Paul Amadeus Dienach say?

Over a period of 14 years Papachatzis gradually translated Dienach’s writings, at first Georgios thought that they narrated a historical or fantasy novel that perhaps his teacher wrote by distraction, but then he realizes that it was the diary of events that had happened to Dienach, and that as he remembered it was taking shape there.

amadeus dienach says

Paul Dienach for fear of being treated as a madman had never revealed to anyone the content of these writings that were his memories, especially what he had lived during the time he was in a coma. An impressive story where he narrated that he made a trip back in time to 3906 and from which he seemed to have a lot of information.

The Masons hid the writings of Paul Dienach. Why?

Once the translations were completed, Papachatzis, who was a Mason, decided to share the content with a very small and select group of Freemason friends. This group of freemasons decided to make these writings available in the philosophical circle of Freemasonry, but they were forbidden from coming to light because they considered that ordinary people were not prepared to know this information.

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The Chronicles of the Future, Dienach Memories.

Despite the warnings and prohibitions of the freemasons, Papachatzis decides to make public the writings and pulls out a version in a book called The Chronicles of the Future. This decision brought him many problems; he was fired from his job, the Masonic Lodge declared him a heretic and mysteriously the copies of the book disappeared without a trace, only a few can be found today.

What Dienach remembered of his trip in time.

In Dienach’s diary, he relates that while he was in a coma he wakes up in the year 3906, for some strange reason his conscience traveled in the body of a man named Andrew Northman. The people of that year with their advanced technology detected that an consciousness of the past had passed into their time; therefore, they decided to tell all about humanity at that time.

What Dienach remembered

The people of the future told him that at that time there was a new race of human beings on earth, called Homo Novus Occidantalis, which was a new stage in human evolution. Because the book is very extensive in its content, here we will mention the most impressive aspects of the future that Dienach saw:

  • Between 2000 and 2300 it was a dark period for humanity, where it faced serious problems of pollution, overpopulation, economic inequality among peoples and problems with monetary systems.
  • In the year 2204 there is the most extensive colonization in the history of mankind, more than 20 million people settle on the surface of the planet Mars, but in the year 2265 a natural disaster wiped out the red planet all the life that had arrived from the earth, this caused humanity to abandon forever any project with this planet.
  • In the year 2309 product of the conflicts between countries the Great World War takes place, which finished with the civilization as today we know it.
  • Between 2400 and 4000 the golden age for humanity is produced, human beings are qualified not for the material or technological, but rather great importance is given to spiritual and emotional development.
  • People in the golden age only work 2 years during their entire lives, between 17 and 19 years.
  • The world population is of 1000 million inhabitants barely a sixth of what we are today, enjoying abundant resources to be able to live fully.

Is it possible that this man has traveled to the future? And, Could he have seen what will happen to humanity hundreds of years ahead? If this is true, What do you think about the future that awaits our offspring? Or will it be that this man only had an extraordinary imagination? Leave me your opinion and do not forget to share this mystery in your social networks.

Here is the link to download: The Book of Chronicles of the Future by Paul Amadeus Dienach in pdf


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