Origin of Cursed Christmas, reasons not to celebrate the devil's party

We have just celebrated the birth of Child God in family. We spend savings that we had available in a lot of rituals that basically do not mean something real. Reality is that we have all been taught to meet certain requirements in December that appear to be religious, but the truth is that they end up worshiping the darkest desires of evil power groups, who steal our souls and money with macabre customs. We are going know the truth behind these rituals that reveal the Cursed origin of Christmas.

Let’s see what symbols are the ones we consider harmless that actually contain the most sinister secrets and who is behind all the deceit.

Macabre elites move the world

It is important for us to know who is at the root of this matter, and how they changed the world forever. Only with the intention of staying in power groups, managing the economy and business accumulations that keep us distracted. Leaders accumulate money in their hands as millions of people in almost every country line up to buy food or even worse, they look in the trash to survive.

Listed below are the power clusters that tricked us from the start:

The Freemasons: These men found that to stay on the cusp of power they had to stay together and keep citizens busy in every century before and after Christ. That is why they invented, through religion, the supposed coming of the son of God, which triggered the greatest process of faith known by humanity. Remember that to date, there is no true proof of Jesus Christ life on earth beyond the belief of some, the manipulation of what some call faith.

The Illuminati: Of this group of advantaged that govern the world in secret, it is known that they have kept low profile but they are always behind every movement and decision. Let’s be honest, there are too many samples of this, including some of the architectural symbols of the world such as, the Obelisks in Buenos Aires, USA. and Luxor Temples in Egypt, or the pyramid with the “all-seeing” eye on dollar bills.

Religious groups: Last but not least. These undoubtedly are the ones that head any myth that benefits only them. Some even say that what is written in the Bible regarding Christmas is nothing more than a lie to gather minority groups in a lie that allows them to have control over the population before and after Jesus Christ.

Cursed Origin of Christmas, Satanic Symbols

Now, let’s dwell at the meaning of the Christmas tree star, the man dressed in red to which billions of children in the world worship and the lie about the date of the son of God birth. Prepare to be amazed and write down the myth of Christmas on your list of universal lies.

Star of the Christmas tree: Well, in this particular case, the star is associated with the pentagon of the demonic summons used for the satanic rites. Undoubtedly, the question in this case would be, are we invoking the devil by keeping those stars lit in the glass of our “harmless” Christmas trees?

Santa Claus: The sweet fat little man willing to share gifts that elves build in their Christmas lair in the North Pole is the biggest and hidden hoax to human beings. We must understand is false, because according to the writer Clement Clarke Moore who is credited with the myth of Santa Claus, refers in the background to a thin man who invaded homes and murdered children.

Jesus was not born on December 25: From this myth there is a bigger certainty, because not even the same Bible in the Old and New Testaments can attest to the exact date, so celebrate someone’s birthday, without knowing the true day of his birth, is the greatest universal lie.

And well, up to now these are hypotheses that are gaining strength around the world every day; and without a doubt, they lead us to think about the deception to which we have been subjected in favor of some economic, social and religious groups that handle Holydays through macabre myths of Christmas to pay homage to their demons that keep them in power , do not forget to share this article on your social networks so that more people find out about the Cused Origin of Christmas.

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