Daughter of extraterrestrials assures that her race invades our planet

The aliens are one of the biggest enigmas and mysteries that so far has occupied many researchers. Over the years there have been many cases where women claim to have been kidnapped by space beings and these have been the subject of all kinds of sexual acts. Specifically, we are referring to Lisa, a young Canadian woman testifying before local media that she is the daughter of extraterrestrials after the abduction of which her mother was the victim. Let’s see more of this case that undoubtedly shudders because of its particularity in her DNA.

Extraterrestrials visit the earth to expand their race

The space beings travel different points of the globe in search of information about the human species, because their figure of humanoid type allows them to mix among us, to the point that women began to seem attractive to them to extend their race.

At this point, we could consider that for extraterrestrials we are the object of study and they would be testing the strength of human DNA to bring to another world the hybrid beings between both races. Undoubtedly, this is just a possible theory of what could happen or maybe it is a planned and slow invasion, until they take over the planet earth.

Origin of Lisa the daughter of extraterrestrials

In the cases where the extraterrestrials manage to fecundate the woman after passing it through several rituals, the born ones show unique and special characteristics, that is to say, they are children that have “super powers”. Many of them can read the minds of those around them or an intelligence superior to children of their age. In particular, Lisa explained that from a very young age she felt different, because she could hear and see things that her classmates did not, so she always thought that something happened with her birth and that she was not normal.

Years later, just when he came of age, his mother sat down and told him the true story of her fertilization in the spaceship and how, to her surprise nine months later, she saw the girl who changed her world. Lisa’s DNA is half human and the other part is not recognizable by scientists.

Here we leave the original interview video where Lisa confesses her truth.

“There is a real reason for me to be here, I am different from most people on this planet but I feel that there are many people like me here and we have to do something,” said Lisa.

This case is just one of the thousands that remain in the shadows of humanity and if there is one thing we can be sure of, there are many events that most humans prefer to ignore, and that could take a heavy toll on the human race that today She sees Lisa the daughter of extraterrestrials, as a unique case although she does not rule out that there are many more of her race marauding on the planet.


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