For many centuries, stories have been told about caverns and tunnels in the deepest part of the planet, underground passages that lead to monsters and God’s lands, but all these legends hide a surprising reality? In this article we will know the mystery that encloses Derinkuyu, an underground city in Turkey, by its so complex characteristics it seems to has been built by and for beings of this world which served as home for old civilizations.

Millions of people believe that in the past we were visited by aliens and if this is true perhaps, would aliens be those who in ancient times helped to form our history? In that case, wouldn´t be better to look for answers of their existence in Earth’s depth before the outer space? A lot is said about these underground cities but just a few can really give details about its making.

Derinkuyu, ruins of an underground world.

Surrounded on the south by Taurus mountain range and on the north by the black sea, is Cappadocia in the middle of Turkey, here earth’s elements sculpted rare figures in the soft volcanic rocks, some ancient habitants transform these rocks into their homes. In 1963 a remodeling of a cavern was discovered a passage to an underground city of thousand years old and more that 85 meters deep, it has 13 leves of ventilation’s channels and fifteen thousand smaller channels for deepest spaces.

derinkuyu city
derinkuyu city

Although is incredible the number of rooms that have been found until today, in those ruins could easily live 25 thousand man, women and children, traces of religious centers, many stores, wine presses and barns to house animals. We can call this type of construction an ancient wonder, comparable with the pyramids. Constructors had to strengthen the walls with piles because the rocks were too soft, this indicates that they were very intelligent and besides they were helped by superior beings.

Who are the and why they built Derinkuyu?

Why people would want to live like that? Why living in these caverns’ deepest darkness? In many experts’ opinion this city was built to protect population temporarily from enemy invaders.

This city was built eight hundred years before Christ by Phrygians, a town that lived in Bronze Age, Trojans’ relatives.  However, some think that this city was built by Hittites, a warrior race mentioned in the Bible which lived many centuries before. This could be even thousand years older, according to the theory from the ancient astronauts.

Turkish region of Cappadocia was part of the Zoroastrian Empire that was Persian in its deepest roots; in this place was practiced one of the oldest religions in the world. Zoroastrian religion is one of the most ancient religions based on the opposing forces of right and wrong, many historians believe that served as an example to Hinduism and beliefs such as Judeo Christian and their main God and creator Ahura Mazda in their sacred texts the creator saved humanity from a global cataclysm defined as a Global ice age.

Ahura Mazda, a possible explanation for these estrange buildings.

According to sacred texts, Ahura Mazda’s prophet Yima ordered to build an underground city to protect a specific group of people and animals from a global ice age, called evil winters.  Some climatologists say that the last registered ice age was eighteen thousand years ago and ended ten thousand years before Christ. Had Derinkuyu been built by then as a protection of this giant ice age?

Ahura Mazda reptilians derinkuyu
Ahura Mazda

So it is believed that Ahura Mazda was an alien entity that guided Earth’s inhabitants, an advanced being of the so-called reptilians who gave his followers the technology the needed to build these old shelters. According to antiquity sacred books Ahura Mazda moved through the sky in fire cars (possible UFO´S), which leads us to conclude with this mystery and all this was about non-human beings who wanted to protect their inhabitants for survival in the future.

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