The Earth without humans

Nobody can ignore that the human being is modeling the earth at will according to their needs, practically never, perhaps with the exception of the bacteria a species, had changed our planet so much. These acts, our way of life, our welfare society, our consumerist impetus and many other factors are changing the environment, dramatically cutting the space from purely virgin areas and marginalizing most species to much smaller locations in a dramatic struggle for survival. But imagine that disaster happens, that we come to the instant known in science as “zero population“, no matter the reason and in this case it does not matter, perhaps a pandemic, perhaps another circumstance, but what would happen if suddenly humans we cease to exist?, let’s see what the earth would be like without humans.

The flow of energy on Earth without humans

One hour after the disaster the electricity would continue to flow, but the lack of fuel in some plants would start to stop certain installations. In a short time, and in a space of several hours, the world would be in gloom when the computers detected that something is wrong and proceeded with the security shutdown, waiting for human technicians to restart the systems, but no one would arrive. After 6 hours, many chemical plants would begin to fail, escaping tons of toxic gases into the atmosphere that would cause the death of almost all the flora and fauna of regions located in the perimeter of a few kilometers.

Fire will take over if humans disappear

The ventilation systems of the plants would be stopped causing large explosions. In the cities, uncontrolled fires would occur due to failures in cooling systems. What was once our home would already become a hell. The fires will carry much of forests and nearby villages, as if untied demons were treated, consuming without control everything they get in their way.

What will happen to the animals if humans disappear?

Three days later, our surviving pets, like dogs and cats, totally hungry, would take to the streets in search of food. The cats, however, would adapt massively to the new situation and would find food hunting relatively easily. The dogs of smaller breeds, would begin to be attacked by dogs of bigger race but neither would be safe since wild animals would escape from the zoos making the cities their home. The farm animals would die massively.

Radioactive contamination after 10 days without humans

Ten days later, the nuclear power plants already under arrest would suffer a catastrophic event, the lack of energy would cause the spent fuel cooling pools to boil, throwing radioactive vapors into the atmosphere. After three months the radioactivity would be poured into the ground with the rains, but the new vegetation that emerged would pollute much more effectively than now.

The world, after 1 year of Earth without humans

After a year, nature will begin to claim what rightfully belongs to it:

  •  The vegetation will begin to take over roads that would slowly crack.
  • Our buildings would begin to show signs of wear due to lack of maintenance and very slowly nature would claim them.
  • The artificial satellites would begin to fall converted into shooting stars.

At age 50, many roofs of our homes would have already fallen allowing vegetation to enter our buildings, rain and snow would do their job and weaker buildings would fall.

At 100 years, there would no longer exist the breeds of dogs that are the result of miscegenation, being hierarchized by new breeds in large herds to facilitate hunting. The cars would begin to disintegrate fruit of rust and corrosion, nature would have already almost completely cleared human contamination. our trail would begin to disappear.

At 250 years old many dams would begin to collapse, human buildings would fall massively including symbols such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty would begin to crumble. Species currently in danger of extinction, like some whales, would begin to recover their population and the forests would begin to look as they did more than a thousand years ago.

Modern buildings will not survive without humans

At 10,000 years, the only signs that we once existed will be the buildings built in stone. Interestingly, the great pyramids of antiquity would be the last to fall, our trail would be limited piles of rubble and a layer of polluted layers already under the surface that would testify to our presence. Two ships, called voyager, would continue their march towards infinity, for a million years, at least, indicating what one day was our position in space, in case something or until someone finds them.

A new struggle for supremacy would have begun, the most intelligent animals with the greatest potential for adaptability would begin to lead the new earth. Maybe the dolphins or octopi from the sea and some birds like crows, magpies and raptors of the sky or also mammals like great apes or elephants.

Many species would fall with us, yes, but most animals and plants would be in a strengthened position. New mutations would give new species that would dissolve the victor as one day the dinosaurs were or as one day were the human beings.

The solution, unlike what many people think, is not to extinguish us to leave the earth in peace, but to realize that the earth does not need us at all, but we do. In a closed ecosystem, every action has its consequences and someone always pays for them, and one day it will be our turn and then we will have to pay.

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