End of the world in the next 10 years analysis and conclusions

Nostradamus, The Bible, conspiracy theories, pandemics, global economic crisis, meteorites and many more stories have led us to believe that the planet earth could come to an end in the coming years, some say that the time is near, so in this point and after several possible deceptions the most

skeptical do not hesitate to question: came the time to build the bunker with drinking water and cans of tuna to support a long stay? Should we be prepared for the worst? Will the end of the world really come in the next 10 years?, let’s see.

The conspiracy of business groups in world conflicts

In short, it could continue listing the thousands of conflicts that affect humanity, but the issue is what will happen in 2017 and the prophecies that some argue will become a reality. However, first we must remember the previous prophecies that announced the world for previous years.

  • New millennium: many of you will remember that on December 31, 1999 the world stopped at the moment when the twelve chimes were announced. The dreaded effect Y2K, In homes whole families embraced thought it would be the last time they would see, but to their surprise, the clock continued and the lives of millions did not stop.
  • The triple 666: For the year 2006 in the 06 month of the 06 (666)
  • the followers of the devil bet and many others assured the end of the world we know by the arrival of Lucifer to the streets that we travel today, but this also does not happen and the devil is still an enigma to most of us.


  • Mayan Prophecy: December 21st also became an occasion for some and exciting for
  •  others, because, because it was a prophecy coming from the Mayans and from this side of the world, many people trusted that this time it would be true the end of everything what we know, but the Indians failed and the humans continued with their lives.

End of the world on August 21, 2017?

Some astronomers and scientists say that by August 21, 2017 a meteor shower will bring an asteroid so big that impacting the earth will cause chaos that will claim millions of lives, where all the money and power in the world will be reduced to the nothing, in the face of the misfortune of seeing that, it is certainly not enough to save the loved ones who will be at crucial points in the affected countries.

Before this, it is necessary to clarify that despite this prophecy the same scientists and astronomers do not assume that this will be at the end of time as we know them, because the dimensions of the meteorite will not be enough to occupy the great space of the globe, and that, on the contrary, it would be the conflicts between the same nations that could lead to a war that ends with humanity.

NASA warns humanity of asteroid End of the world in 2017

The NASA forecast in which the possibility is affirmed that an asteroid collides with the earth, this colossus called Phaeton will visit us in 2017, will this be the end?

True or not, the unfortunate thing is that despite all the prophecies the only one that gains more strength is the end of the world could come from the hand of ourselves, that being unable to solve the global conflicts that today keep us in war they could unleash a nuclear hecatomb that definitively ends civilization as we know it today. Could something similar appear in 2017? You and I are about to discover it.

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