Friendship Island: Extraterrestrials, Angels or a farce? The truth

The southern islands of Chile hide great mysteries. Since the 80s there is a legend that speaks of an island that appears only in the presence of some chosen and is directed by extraterrestrial beings. These beings would have the mission of recruiting a group of humans to make them ascend spiritually. They have also become known, curing fatal diseases of some people whose testimonies have been verified. But … What is the truth in this story? Are they really aliens? What is it in those archipelagos that has awakened these legends? and if they are real … why haven’t they been fully shown? This and other unknowns will be clarified in this article, in which we are going to find the truth of the friendship island mystery: its origin and everything about its inhabitants.

The origin of the mystery of Friendship Island

This island is presumably hidden in the cluster of islands located in southern Chile. It has not been recorded in photos or video and despite the fact that some expeditions have gone in search of it, they have not been able to find it. However, there are many people who say they have visited it and many are the testimonies of people who have been healed. They also claim that they maintain contact with the mysterious people native from this island. It is an unknown mystery in the rest of the world but that in Chile has been arousing curiosity for many years and causing all kinds of reactions.

The name of Friendship Island was given by the entities that inhabit this island. It all began in the late 80s when the population of southern Chile witnessed the sighting of a very large and clearly identifiable UFO on the vertical of these islands.

After this sighting, a large number of radio amateurs began reporting strange broadcasts from people claiming to live on an island called Friendship. Island that did not appear in the known maps of world geography. These beings transmitted messages in Spanish but with a very strange accent, which was not the traditional Chilean accent typical of that region, rather it seemed a German accent, then we leave extracts from these communications where you can hear the voice of these beings who at first impression does not seem like a human accent.

Who are the inhabitants of Friendship Island?

The inhabitants of Firendship Island claim to be under the command of a higher entity they called father. They closely resemble the higher entities that descended to earth in ancient times. Their mission was to contact people as if they were chosen to promote them to a greater plane of spiritual consciousness and save them from a terrible cataclysm. In some conversations, radio amateurs say that these beings predicted the future, specifically the Challenger shuttle accident.

These beings are described as human-looking but white skin color and transparent gray hair, their attitude is very kind and serene, they say they have knowledge and technology that does not resemble anything of our civilization. They are somewhat mysterious, since they do not allow video recording inside the island. To know them, it will only be after they are the ones who contact people and although many have tried to find them they have not been able to.

Explanation and theories about Friendship Island

On the subject of Friendship Island there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about its possible explanation or where these myths or stories really originated. We have determined 4 theories that could give a more precise explanation about what is really happening to find the truth, these theories are:

  • Religious fanaticism and organ trafficking: The alleged inhabitants of Friendship Island are said to be religious fanatics of some sect that contacts terminally ill people to remove their organs and then disappear them, selling these organs on the black market.
  • Scientific experiments: It is also believed as possible that there are secret paramilitary groups with financing from world elites, who are seeking to experiment with human beings on scientific treatments and methods that contribute to the advancement of medicine.
  • Nazis in Latin America: It is said that these inhabitants could be Nazis who gathered there in the last existing Nazi enclave in the world and that has operated in secret for many years.
  • Hybrid demigods: The last theor is the most accepted so far, is that these inhabitants are hybrid beings half human, half gods or aliens with a Nordic aspect that inhabit the island with their own and very advanced technology with the aim of helping humanity.

Friendship Island Location

Regarding this island, there are many hypotheses why it is not easy to find it like any other. We could go to Wikipedia and know exactly its location and all its details. But this is not the case, some say that this island is the same UFO that was seen in the 80s, that due to its large size when submerged in water could resemble an island. Others, on the other hand, say that this island is in another dimensional plane and it is only possible to find it when its inhabitants manipulate the space-time dimension so that their visitors (selected by themselves) can enter.

The truth and most likely of all is that this island is a complex of underground tunnels that communicate with an advanced facility in a region of the archipelagos of southern Chile. More specifically in a territory that we have found in google maps where the location of a place called friendship island is clearly appreciated. Next we leave the google earth map where it can be located and how to get to friendship island.

In any case, the reports made say that very few people have gone to the island and have been able to return to tell about it. Missing records are an important number. People who said they had been contacted by the inhabitants of friendship to go to the island but never returned.

The case of Ernesto de la Fuente healed by Friendship

Ernesto de la Fuente was a man who worked in the telecommunications area. He had a completely normal life, but overnight he was diagnosed with lung cancer and they gave him a maximum of 3 months to live. This news depressed him greatly and he decided to go to Chile to spend his last days on the shores of those islands. While there, he received radio communication from the inhabitants of Friendship saying that they could cure his cancer, he just had to trust them and follow their instructions.

The Friendship gave Ernesto the coordinates of where to go to get to the island. Encouraged by his last hope to save himself, he decides to take his boat and enter the archipelagos. There he found an entrance on one of the islands according to the indicated coordinates. Upon entering the entrance, he found the ruins of a very old construction that was unlike anything he had seen in known history. He got out of his boat and once on dry land he could see these Friendship beings whom he describes as 8-foot-tall beings with a very kind look.

Friendships say Cancer is a Mental Illness

Once inside the underground complex where he was taken by the Friendship, Ernesto says that they guided him to a room where there was a stretcher and there they injected him with a strange serum into his shoulder. Ernesto asked what was the serum and these beings explained to him that cancer is a disease that is in the mind. What that serum would do would be to cancel the PH and the acidity of the body to thus end the cancer completely.

After 22 years Ernesto de la Fuente is still alive, he has in his hands the medical certificate where years ago he was diagnosed with Cancer and they only gave him 3 months to live. He currently has no trace of cancer, he is completely healthy. This would be one of the clearest proofs of the existence of something that is truly out of this world on that island.

To conclude we have to say that there are many more testimonies that speak of the existence of entities that inhabit this mysterious island. It would be quite difficult for so many people from different places and ages to invent these elaborate stories in which everyone agrees on the same thing. Therefore, it is very possible that there is something with non-human technology that inhabits these areas of southern Chile and has managed to positively impact this region. We will wait for time to advance and perhaps technology will help to further reveal this great mystery of Friendship Island.

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