We have heard many stories from time travelers, some with interesting experiences that make us dream of how should this trip have been? How does it feel? and what would the future look like? But very few or almost none of these stories can accurately demonstrate the veracity of what their authors narrate, until now. This is the case of a man named Hakan Nordkvist who has a video in which he recorded with his self of the future that proves with incredible precision what happened when he managed to travel back in time.

Hakan Nordkvist knows himself in the future.


The story came to light after Hakan wrote it on his blog in 2006, but recently he has been given a lot of attention because he has not yet been able to prove it is false. And it is that this story, although it contains elements still very dispersed, does not stop worrying especially because the protagonist climbed on YouTube a video in which he sees the next to his self of the future and with 72 years old hugging and showing exactly identical and identifiable arms marks.

According to Nordkvist in his blog, the event took place on August 30, 2006 in the afternoon, he was returning from a long day of work in Färjestaden when he saw that his kitchen’s floor was flooded with water, what he presumed was a broken pipe from the sink and proceeded to look for the tools to do the repair. As he entered the pipes of his sink, he noticed that the space was wider than normal and he went further until he saw that there was a light that seemed to be a tunnel. Curious to know where it came, he went through it to the end.

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Hakan traveled in time through a wormhole.

For some strange reason not yet explained, in the sink of Hakan Nordkvist had opened a portal, a wormhole that led to a temporary space years ahead in the future. When he leaves this tunnel, Hakan gets a very different world and meets himself, but it was the year 2042. Upon seeing himself, he explains what happened and they begin to speak; his future self told him many things that allowed him to conclude that it was himself, but in the future.

The Hakan of the future told him things that will happen, but he promised not to tell anyone. After this peculiar encounter and with the fear of not being able to return to his time, Hakan returns through the tunnel in time, but not before being able to record on his cell phone a video of what happened in which he can be seen with a man of similar characteristics, but much more and to show that they were the same person they show to the camera the tattoo in the same arm and in the same way in each one.

Video of Hakan Nordkvist from the year 2042.

This video was published by the popular social network YouTube and has been analyzed by different experts, concluding that indeed the older person who comes out with Hakan has morphological characteristics almost identical to him. But observe it yourself and draw your own conclusions, here is the video:

After this story spread, Hakan was contacted by Machine Films to make a documentary about his incredible story; you can see it below, we recommend doing the translation into Spanish with the automatic tool that incorporates YouTube.

Undoubtedly, a shocking story and irrefutable proof that, if it’s true, leaves us even more questions about the mysteries of the world and the strangeness of the fourth dimension, which is time. Do not forget to share this article in your social networks.

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