History worst Popes

The Catholic Church is a mystery to the world, because so far, only a small privileged group has had access to the place that houses its archives: the Vatican. Millions of years have passed after San Pedro will take control of the greatest religious power in history, since in total, 264 popes have reigned in the name of God. However, these men have committed terrible atrocities that have led them to be qualified as the worst popes in history, depravity, murder and corruption was their reign.

The worst sinister, vicious, murderous and pedophile Popes.


Know yourself detail in detail, the names and actions that make them worthy of this macabre title. It cannot be explained until now how such evil and perverse beings could do so much harm in the name of a supposed divine power.

Sergio III, the Pope of all vices (c. 860 – April 14, 911).

This man who, like his predecessors and successors, should be part of the neatest people in his performance during his actions as the maximum representative of the Catholic Church but, as we have mentioned before, the Popes did not always keep their appearances.

Sergio III had a son and that son was his successor, that is, this priest not only hoodwinked the fundamental Laws of his religious doctrine, but also integrated his own son in the thread of lies dating from his addiction to prostitutes, it was one of them who lived with him and became the mother of his firstborn son, even corruption and blackmail as his way to achieve the most important position of the Catholic Church, because in his time the way to enter was “to the highest bidder”.

But, the worst thing about this “pontiff” was that he murdered a large part of his predecessors so he would not have to compete to stay in his place, which he evidently did no matter what.

Benedict IX, the youngest Pope in history (1032-1048).

According to the information provided by some historians, this man arrived at the age of 12 to occupy this position, although others say that it was not until he was 18 years old. In short, this priest became Pope because his father paid the leaders of the Catholic Church to keep him there for three consecutive periods, with some intervals of separation for the sale of his place to other relatives.

Benedict IX came to be described as his rapes, adulteries not only with prostitutes but with young children whom he attacked, to satisfy his lowest instincts, which finally led to his dismissal. Even, San Pedro Damian, compared him to “a demon of hell disguised as a priest”.

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Alexander XI, lover of the brothels (1492-1503).

His greatest recognition as a sinister Pope is that during his papacy he organized more orgies than masses, because man was obsessed with sex. Added to this belonged to the wealthiest families of the Italian colony in Rome, which are synonymous with shame: The Borgias.

Regarding his management within the Church, one of his most absurd hobbies is also mentioned, since apparently he enjoyed seeing the horses copulating.

Boniface VIII, the pedophile (1294-1303).

This pope went down in history by the most shocking phrase ever heard by Christians and non-Christians regarding sexual relations with minors: “Maintaining relationships with children is no more sinful than rubbing one hand against the other.”

This is how this man immortalized his mandate within the Catholic Church, which was not only marked by pedophilia but by other excesses that led him to maintain an agony for a long time until he died.

We add for you a video about some of the hidden mysteries of these Popes and the Vatican.

The truth is that, incredible as it may seem, the Catholic Church is not as holy as it seems and these men are the living demonstration that no human being, however much he pretends to be close to God, is pure of soul and heart; and is that these are the worst Popes of all the tragic history of the Catholic Church who give arguments for there to be more and more people close to atheism, because you would not be after reading all this, or if ?, tell us.