How to give the Evil Eye to an enemy or rival

The evil eye is a deep-rooted belief in our culture, especially believed that are children who may be affected, however also adults can be seriously affected if you receive a burden of this negative energy sent by an adversary or enemy. This article has been prepared with the intention of being merely informative about how is the process of preparing a spell of evil eye and how to apply it, we recommend discretion and proper handling of the important information we will provide of how to five evil eye to an enemy.

Spell: how to curse

This information has been extracted from the book called “MAGIC SUPREME BLACK, RED E INFERNAL” by the author Jonas Suforino, where it is explained that the person who receives the spell of evil eye will suffer the devastating effects of this spell in a short period of time after performing the ritual. It is also necessary to know that the moon must be in its crescent room. Let’s first explain what materials are required to do the evil eye spell.

Materials Required to give the Evil Eye

To make the spell of evil eye will require a number of elements, some of them very difficult to find but certainly their difficulty is directly proportional to the effect it causes. The necessary materials to make evil eye are:

  • Two eyes of [male] lion or male black cat.
  • A bottle of rancid white wine.
  • Peppercorns.
  • A spoonful of honey.
  • A rag of fine linen.

Preparation of the Evil Eye Spell

The steps to perform once you have the materials are as follows:

  1. Place the feline’s eyes in the moonlight for approximately 4 hours.
  2. Put the Lion’s Eyes to soak with the wine and the peppercorns, let them rest at the serenity of the moon until it becomes an infusion.
  3. Filter the infusion with the fine flax in another purified container and then add the spoonful of honey.
  4. After preparing the liquid and having it ready in a glass bottle, you must lock yourself in a dark room that has no entry of light anywhere for 24 hours.
  5. After the 24 hour meditation you will take the concoction you have previously prepared and by raising your spirit you will pronounce the next spell:

“Lucifer, Belcebuth, Astaroth, present me your infernal power against (name of the person you want to cause the spell to) amen.”

Immediately after you pronounce these words you must go looking for the person to whom you expect to send the curse, you must go with the low gaze and with a lot of care trying not to look at other people that you have around you. When you find that person, you will stare at them face to face for a few minutes and you will mentally exclaim the following:

“By your virtue, Lucifer, Belcebuth, Astaroth, fulfill my desire. Amen.”

After this you can leave and be sure that the curse will immediately fall on that person.

If on the contrary, it is you who has been affected by an evil eye then we recommend you to visit the following link to find remedies to counteract or eliminate the Evil Eye.

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