Scientist reveals to the world how to send messages to the past

Many times we have dreamed of being able to make trips in time, to make up a mistake or send messages to the past, it seems that this will be possible soon. Thanks to the tragedy that happened to a 10-year-old boy; when he lost his father after suffering a heart attack. Here, we will tell you the story of Ronald Mallett, who after losing his father decided to do everything possible to go to the past and save him from death, becoming the first scientist to reveal to the world how to send messages to the past.

In 1955, at the age of 10, after losing his father at the young age of 33 due to a heart attack, the young Ron Mallett was inspired by a book by HG Wells called “The Machine of Time”, thanks to this, he made the decision to do everything possible to prevent his father from dying.

How can messages be sent to the past?

As Ron grew older, the idea of ​​being able to travel through time took hold of him. How could it be achieved? The first step to achieve this would be to study theoretical physics at university. Ron knew that the key to achieving this was through the study of black holes and relativity. In his spare time, this young man elaborated theories in his mind, which he knew he could not reveal to anyone, because doing it an letting someone else to know that he wanted to travel in time, would make fun of him, his friends and the rest of University students.

This fact prevented him from reaching other people who could have been of great help to carry out his dream. However, Ron decided to pursue this idea on his own, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1973. For the next two years, Ron worked in laser cutting industry until he got a position to work as a professor in the University of Connecticut.

Black holes as a way to travel through time

black holes time travel

Professor Mallett fused his knowledge of laser cutting, with the knowledge he had about relativity and gravity and began to create extraordinary ideas. Mallett believed that scientist Albert Einstein described time as a fourth dimension, and predicted that time and space are connected by what scientists call space-time. High-mass objects such as black holes make a great curve in space-time, but could these conditions be recreated on earth?

Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity inspire travel in time

According to this theory, time is affected by speed and gravity, although we are not able to perceive this with our senses, this affects our our daily life. A clear example of this is seen in the satellites that are in Earth’s orbit, since these are less influenced by gravity; they suffer a decompensation in their clocks, which must be calibrated time to time to allow them to give their exact position.

Another example of this occurred in laboratories that, knowing the life of some particles, accelerated up to 99.9% at the speed of light, it was shown that their life time lasted thirty times longer, not aging more slowly but traveling through time.

Mallett mathematically proved that sending messages in time is possible

travel machine

Mallett had already worked with lasers so he knew their properties, and it was at that moment that he decided to apply relativity to lasers. By applying this, he imagined a machine with laser rays, and they have the ability to bend space-time, to reach the creation of a machine with the capacity to be able to travel in time.

Although Mallett imagined that in order to move someone in time it would take larger amounts of energy, he thought at this moment that this machine could be used to send messages to the past. This sounded very interesting, so he set out to demonstrate mathematically that this was possible, and he got it. Effectively the circular lights could bend the space-time, therefore, everything seemed to work.

It is not long before we see the first time machine in action … or does the Vatican already have it?

The professor, who today is 71 years old, believes fervently that the creation of this machine can become a reality, although he no longer believes it is possible to save his father. He began to raise funds to accomplish this creation within 5 years.

For the construction of this machine, Professor Mallet has the support of Chandra Roy Choudrey a physicist who designed the prototype consisting of a series of rings that circulate around a glass tube.

If the day when the creation of this machine would become a reality, surely a message of binary codes would be received from the future. Through this machine messages could be sent to humanity about any disaster that may occur, as long as this machine is used responsibly. Although many believe that in fact, this time machine exists and that it is conserved as one of the best kept secrets by the Vatican.

Only time will tell if the creation of this machine can be possible and if really sending messages to the past or the future can be feasible. Share this information through your social networks and allow other people to discover that it is possible to travel in time.

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