Katy Perry against Trump in Chained To The Rhythm

The singer Katy Perry has been very successful because her music contains a very particular style and takes great care of every detail in the rhythm, as well as in the videos, which always end up positioning themselves in the first places. On February 21, 2017, the world premiere of the video Chained To The Rhythm was held, its last musical success that, as expected, has already been very well received by the critics, but this time it contains hidden messages that we are going to analyze in detail, where openly attacks the president of the United States Donald Trump and also criticizes the Illuminati system that controls modern society. Let’s go to the analysis.

Katy Perry Criticizes Donald Trump in the video Chained To The Rhythm

The video of Chained To The Rhythm contains a series of hidden elements and messages in key where the government of the United States and the Illuminati system that controls our society is openly criticized. This has led many analysts to ask: What is Katy Perry looking for with these criticisms? Why, after promoting the illuminati symbolism in her videos, does she criticize it now? Is it that she wants to disassociate herself from her evil and dark intentions in order to with humanity?, Is this singer trying to send a message to the world?, Let’s review what are those messages that hides in this video.

Video “Chained To The Rhythm” by Katy Perry

The first thing is that we leave you here the video so you can see it and you can see very well in every detail. In case you have already seen it and you are interested in the analysis below, then keep reading this article and get ready because you will be surprised.

Analysis of “Chained To The Rhythm” Video by Katy Perry against the Illuminati System

This video bases its plot on a beautiful woman represented by Katy Perry who visits an amusement park, very similar to those known to all Universal Studios or Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. There she finds a series of attractions with a very lively and at the same time futuristic style, the video takes place in its journey through these different attractions in which each one represents a special element with a hidden message, let’s see:

  1.  The name of the amusement park: the amusement park that Katy Perry visits is called Oblivia, just as we can see in the entrance of it when the video starts. This name is a direct reference to “Oblivio” a river in Greek mythology of people who drink their water before reincarnating to forget their past lives. This is a clear message to the reality in which we live where a world city is distracted with attractions and amusements so that we forget the real world, we could say that this park represents the current society.
  2. The Welcome Sign to the park: Katy Perry enters the park excitedly as if entering this place was something she had waited all her life, then a giant sign is obtained that ends up strengthening her satisfaction by indicating that this is the best attraction There is in the whole universe. There the strong criticisms begin, as the system that controls you predisposes you with publicity before you advance only to keep your mind convinced that what they will show you and what you will enjoy is the best and then you will not want to leave.
  3. The excessive use of social networks to control us: a group of people is observed taking pictures with their cell phones and sharing in social networks, almost in a synchronized way and it is not because this is a dance, it is a direct reference to the way today social networks control us isolating us from the world that surrounds us and plunges us into banality by creating an alternate reality in which we are always immersed, so the world elite can act at will, manipulating our lives.
  4. The sign of the main Attraction of the park: in the first parts of the video there is a very large sign that says “The Fall of the American Dream” and it is about an attraction in which couples of young couples enter a typical American house and then they are lifted by a machine that makes them move abruptly and then drop them. This indicates to us that the park is actually a representation of American society and the houses moving in the air with the family inside symbolize how the system controls all the homes and apparently it is a warning message to the impending collapse that is to come in This country is powered by the arrival of Donald Trump to power.
  5. The thorn of gold: in a moment of the video Chained To The Rhythm Katy approaches some roses and tries to take one because it catches her attention when she sees that her stem is of gold, but when touching it it hurts her on a finger and she it moves away. This spine or golden stem of the rose represents everything wonderful that sustains the system that, although it looks very good and full of luxury and good color, really hurts us.
  6. The roller coaster: as in any amusement park in this could not miss the roller coaster, here people go up as a couple and the car that goes first shows the message “Love Me” or Love me indicating the need to live as a couple it forces us to assume a series of risks in which we are immersed by the system, the route of this roller coaster is through tunnels where emoticons are observed such as Facebook or Instagram, where it seems to measure the emotions of the passengers and finally arrive to something called validation station where each of the couple has a score, in which the man is given much more value than that of the woman, clearly in allusion to a macho society openly controlled by the elites.
  7. The year 1983: at the entrance of the park you can see a line of people waiting to enter, but a digital sign with a forward arrow seems to change as people move, at the moment the number is observed 1983 This sign indicates the birth year of Katy Perry, indicating that the moment you enter the park is from the day you are born, there is no escape, the system controls you since you arrive in this world.
  8. The attraction of Donald Trump: one of the attractions of the park is a strange machine where couples climb up like in flying chairs supported by a giant mechanical arm, this machine expels them through the air over a wall, all this while the The rest of the people still enjoy the distracted attractions and without noticing that these people are being expelled from the park. The attraction is called “No Place Like Home” or There is no place like home. This is one of the parts of the video where Donald Trump is most criticized for his policy of expulsion of immigrants and the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.
  9. Bombs and war: another criticism of the American government is seen in an attraction called “bombs” where you can see missiles fired in several directions, but of which finally several end up falling into the park itself. This is in reference to the arms policy that seeks to advance Donald Trump that could end up directly affecting the Americans themselves as a result of a war and can also be interpreted as a warning to a possible tempted car that has been talked about so much in the conspiracy theories of the iluminati plans.
  10. The Inferno service station and the toxic water: in every amusement park there is a section to eat, drink something and relax, because in this video this place is represented as a service station called inferno in which people drink a liquid called “Water on” which is like a kind of drink that mixes water with fire and dispenses it with the same machines with which they dispense gasoline. With this we can understand that there is an allusion to gasoline or oil something that clearly feeds the government and the American system.
  11. The awakening of reality: in the final section of the video you can see a group of people sitting like in a cinema with 3D glasses and watching a giant TV and a typical American family, that’s when Katy Perry when seeing the singer Skip Marley leaving the television begins to realize the reality that surrounds it and that everything is a farce to control it. This part is a clear allusion to how the system shows us in film and television what they want us to see to distract ourselves and fulfill their purpose, but sometimes music can make us wake up from this dream and discover the truth.
  12. The wheel of energy: at the end of the video Chained To The Rhythm Katy Perry watches as a group of people line up to ride on a wheel very similar to the one they use in the cages of the mice, but in this case the wheel is used to give energy to the park, the detail is that people do not know and finally goes up trying to move without any sense and finally Katy Perry gets up and stops to realize the reality. This wheel symbolizes the energy of life, because it is our life, that of all of us who inhabit this society, that gives energy to the system and we put it at the service of the elites for its obscure purposes.
  13. Other messages hidden in the video: the cotton candy that people consume has the shape of an atomic bomb mushroom. It only shows couples of men and women, dont include the LGBT community. In the wheel of energy the white man runs without any problem, but when the Asian woman and the colored man climb both fall defeated by the machine.

The meaning of the video Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry

This interesting video of Katy Perry that we have detailed and explained whose content is very controversial and enigmatic for all the symbology that uses we could summarize it in this way:

  •  We are living in a society that seems to be a very fun place, the ideal place but which is controlled by an elite that decides what we see, what we do and when we stop being.
  • The system takes advantage of people to then expel them on the other side of the wall.
  • Television and film are instruments of the elite to control our thoughts and establish stereotypes of family values ​​of society.
  • The most important thing in the video is how Katy Perry wanted to explain the transition she has gone through having been part of these Illuminati elites that control the system to have awakened from that reality and today be out of it.
  • You can also interpret the video as a clear message of opposition to the policies of the current government of Donald Trump, remember that this singer supports Hilary Clinton.

Undoubtedly this video Chained To The Rhythm is out of the traditional schemes of commercial singers looking to present anything in their videos without leaving a message with clear and relevant content. So is Katy Perry sending a warning message to society to wake up? We invite you to watch the video again and judge yourself. We hope that this analysis of the video will be useful to reflect on the world in which we are immersed. Remember to share this article in your social networks and subscribe to our exclusive list of experts in the truth and mysteries.

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