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In the Bible is narrated how it was the creation of the world, the beginning of humanity, all the origin of what we know today according to the book of genesis. In this sacred text we are told how man was created in the image and likeness of God and after realizing that he was alone, God decided to create a company for him, taking from his body a rib to create a woman named Eva. But this story has a part that has not been told in the Bible, or rather has been censored for some hidden reason until now. Adam’s first woman was not Eve. Before her there was Lilith or Lilit, who would have been the first woman to exist in the world and therefore the first wife of Adam, did you know that? The story of this woman and why it has been erased from the biblical story we will present below, Lilith: the true story.

Who was Lilith? Adam’s first wife

Lilith was the first woman to exist created by God in the genesis of the world at the same time as Adam, but she was rejected and banished by God himself at Adam’s request because she was more intelligent, stronger in character and because she didn’t obey his commands. In the bible, this key and important character to understand the origin of humanity was eliminated, because what Lilith represented went against the traditional idea of the church in which women must be submissive to men and is to obey him, locating her always in a lower position.

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Irrefutable proof that Lilith did exist

In the traditional Bible, although it has gone through several religious filters that make it lose important pieces or sections, a part was left in which it is evident that at the beginning of everything God decided to create not only a man but also a woman at the same time, not like is assured later in a contradictory way, let’s see the original text:

Génesis 1:27 King James Version 1960 (RVR1960)

And God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.

As we see in this verse of the traditional bible, there is a story that at the moment when God created man, he created male and also  female, and it also affirms the phrase “he created them”, which ends up clearly indicating that woman was also created at the same time next to man. This would be the clearest proof of the existence of Lilith embodied in the Bible itself.

Therefore, Lilith was a being created in equal conditions with Adam, of course she had her female reproductive organs that women have today but in general terms they were two equal human beings, with the same faculties, strength and character, created from the same dust but none above the other.

The conflict between Lilith and Adam

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According to apocryphal texts that have been censored by the Catholic Church, Lilith was a woman with a very strong character and an intelligence that sometimes seemed superior to Adam; on other hand Adam was very dominant and very carnal. In moments of intimacy, Lilith demanded that it was not only Adam who was on her but that she could also be on the spot over him, Adam adamantly refused, saying: “Submit to me, wife.”  This generated a conflict between the two that ended with the separation of Lilith from Adam to later be banished by God at the request of Adam, let’s see how the apocryphal books of genesis narrate it:

Why should I lie down below you? She asked: I was also made with dust, and therefore I am your equal … As Adam tried to force her to obey, Lilith, angered, pronounced the name of God, and left him”.

But obviously the question that arises is: Where did Lilith go? If they were supposed to be the only two human beings created by God until that moment. The answer is narrated in these ancient books, she ran nothing more and nothing less than tova demon’s arms. Let’s continue with the story.

Lilith and Samael: the cursed generation

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In the garden of Eden all the creatures of God inhabited and among them were also those that we know today as demons, beings who at that time fulfilled specific functions and who were not allowed to contact other creatures. When Lilith left Adam, she went with Samael, he was one of these demons, and she had offspring with him. Then God, seeing that Lilith would have revealed herself and she pronounced his name, which was forbidden, decided to curse her with all the generation that she had procreated with Samael. The apocryphal texts say the following:

She liked man’s reproductive fluid very much, and always goes to the lure of seeing where she could have fallen. All the liquid of the man that does not end up in the womb of the wife is hers: all the seminal fluid that man has wasted throughout his life, either by adultery, by vice or in sleep”.

Lilith was then turned into a demon who is on the lookout for the forbidden carnal experiences to seize her results. So God cursed Lilith and to all her offspring.

After Lilith, God created Eve

After Lilith was cursed, it is when God realizes that Adam was alone and that was not good, so He decided to create a partner for Adam, but this time He made sure that she was submissive and obedient; he decided to make her from Adam’s own rib. It is then that Eve is created the Adam’s second wife and is who appears in the biblical stories as responsible for committing the sin of the forbidden fruit. With Eve, Adam coexisted without problems and with all comfort until they are expelled from paradise and all the Calvary that we already know about humanity in permanent sin begins.

Finally we can say that what bothered the ancient hierarch of church about Lilith, it was her relationship with seduction, pleasure and full equality. It is that throughout history of all established religions there is no equality between male and female religious figures. So apparently at some point in history, the stories of Lilith were censored from the Bible to consider that it gave many ideas of empowerment to women, then not knowing the real story of their existence, women could end up being subjected for man as it has been throughout history.

Then Lilith is not a domain, Lilith was the first woman who existed and turned out to be a better prepared being, more intelligent, more rebellious and with better character than men for that reason she was censured and punished. Share this content in your social networks.

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