lupito ghosts

When we lose a loved one, it is normal that there is a feeling of emptiness and absence, even when this is a child because relatives deeply regret not having seen him grow and develop, that is why sometimes the need to bring it back or the least to dream of seeing it again is present in the first months after the child’s death. But when that longing becomes something more than an illusion, it becomes a reality through an apparition or specter that torments the people who inhabit what was once its home, that’s another story, very terrifying like the one that happens in Salamanca, Guanajuato, where a supernatural event happens to a family in the rural community of Cerro Gordo, municipality of this place. Since the death of a child ten years ago, he continues to appear due to the great love and veneration of his aunt, taking her body, to be able to communicate with them. This is the story of Lupito the ghost child of Guanajuato.

First appearances of Lupito the ghost child.

Mrs. Antonia Flores grandmother of Lupito the wandering spirit, reported that he began to manifest itself immediately after the child’s death. They began to see the tracks of his feet in the yard, and they listened as marbles fell inside the house without finding anything the next day. In rainy days, many white pebbles appeared in the flowerbeds that changed color through time, indicated that when this happens the aunt of the child Juana María Romero began to behave strangely and she acted as if she were a child, because she ran towards her saying, “Granny I love you so much”.

Lupito takes the body of his aunt, “he does not want to go”.

She suffers constant changes perhaps to the current age of Lupito said the grandmother, and this is reflected in the aunt’s behavior who gets the spirit, because she tells words that come to us because we know what the child was like, and it worries us because he tells us that he is clinging to us as a family, and he is not going to leave.

Interviewed Mrs. Juana María, Lupito’s aunt, told us that she loved her nephew a lot and she continues to estimate him, his presence doesn’t scare her but it worries her, because sometimes his spirit is accompanied by other spirits who ask to give a message to their relatives, and this does cause her fear.

There are moments when I see him coming but very horrible demonic beings prevent it, he shouts at me asking for help but I feel like these hold me in chains and hurt me, this disturbs me a lot and my family intervenes, they tell me, pouring holy water and praying, to free me.

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The investigation in the place where the ghost of Lupito appears.

On her part, Mrs. Guadalupe Romero, Lupito’s mother, only wishes that her son rest in peace and requested an investigation of this fact. In this way we entered in that home where, from our arrival, it seemed that someone was watching us, and before the measurement of temperature they were variable, mainly in the aunt’s room.

It was as well as when making a photographic sweep where the sensitive ones indicated us, the fingerprints were captured, a face and a demonic symbol belonging to Valefor, main demon of the court of Satan, that apparently is the one that has taken control of this place pretending to be Lupito, causing problems.

But to achieve the expulsion of this demonic entity, it is needed as we proposed to Mrs. Juana María, Lupito’s aunt, stop constantly invoking him, and turn on candles to him, because this can attract evil spirits, and bind them on this plane, and without realizing it, we revere them as what they are: the kings of the lie.

Unfortunately when someone in the family is opposed to following our recommendations, we make it clear that we cannot do anything about it, because Lupito’s aunt Juana María has indicated that she is not going to let him go because of the great love she has for him and she will always have for him, and this is one of the factors that sometimes prevent us from helping something to the release of a captive soul.

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