Meaning of the 10 most common types of dreams

Many experiences such as desires, anxieties, worries, fears, obsessions, traumas, phobias and complexes are reflected every night during dreams. Although you do not perceive it or do not remember it, for the brain it is the least of it, the dream also fulfills its function, which is to simulate or recreate sensations and experiences, which are the two main reasons why we dream. The meaning of dreams is something that deeply intrigues us, each person is a world, but after many investigations it has been possible to determine a pattern in some of the most common dreams that all people have and it has been possible to determine their interpretation. For that reason in this article we will talk about the 10 most common dreams and their meaning.

Meaning of dreaming that you are persecuted

Paranoia and fear, are the main sensations when you dream of this experience of being persecuted by someone we can not usually identify, but who is almost always a maniac or someone who wants to hurt you. The funny thing is that even without knowing who it is, for some reason we are fleeing and we do it desperately as if to save our lives. People often feel that their strength is exhausted and that no matter how hard you run, that person who chases you is still behind you.

The interpretation of this type of dream is that you are leading a very hectic life and with a lot of stress and this is being reflected in your brain. It is also associated with the fact that you are leaving aside important issues continuously, as if leaving time to solve things if you do nothing else, then this kind of dream is like a slap to remind you that you should not continue to cheat and not You must let more time pass.


Interpretation of dreaming about not being able to move

The inability to walk, move freely or perform any task are quite common in the dreams of most people. Usually those who dream of this say remember to try to lift something but not being able to even move their arms or that they should run but their body and legs weigh too much, they also say they try to talk or scream and can not, this produces a feeling of frustration and despair

The meaning is relatively easy to understand, it is the fear of not being able to reach another level that others expect from us, that is, not to meet expectations. Example of these cases is the parents who push the study to their children or jobs where you super effort more than the account. If you have this kind of dreams you should know that it is not bad, because it indicates that you are demanding with yourself and you have all the intentions of surpassing yourself and that is always better than being a conformist.


Meaning of dreaming of arriving late or not arriving on time

If you dream that you run down the street dodging a lot of people walking in the opposite direction as in the matrix movie, there is traffic, chaos and the whole city perishes to be conspiring against you, the bus seems to be too slow, train you You boarded an hour ago, it suddenly stops. You look at the clock and you realize that you are too late, you get desperate because you know you will not arrive on time no matter how hard you try. We all know what it feels like for this reason it is very common to dream about this type of experience, but what does it mean?

The Interpretation: in any of the cases described in which you dream that you arrive late there are 3 different meanings that you can adapt to your reality, these are:

  • You have not obtained the reward you think you deserve for the effort you are making in some aspect of your life, work, fun, personal projects or social relationships.
  • Be afraid to be late, be an obsessively punctual person and be terrified of being late especially on your first day of class, work or appointment.
  • It is a warning for those who want to complete all their promises, please everyone is impossible and no matter how hard you try you can be frustrated by not achieving them, you must balance things.

Interpretation of dreaming that you can not stop your car

This dream is related to not having complete control of situations, this experience is particularly stressful because of the responsibility involved in being in charge of a steering wheel. The curious thing about this dream is that people who do not know how to drive or who do not even have a vehicle have registered having these experiences when they dream. Those who have lived this dream say that they feel that the brake does not work and that the steering wheel stays stuck, besides the fact that the car is increasing in speed.

The meaning: the symbolism of this dream is focused precisely on the brake, you are the only one who can step on the brake but this does not work, it is so that in your life there is some aspect that you are trying to change but you can not achieve, too It may be that you are doing something, but despite the effort you are making, you feel that you are not accomplishing anything. It’s as if you’re feeling that whatever you do, things always stay the same.

Meaning of dreams where all teeth fall

That your teeth fall is a very strange sensation and can generate anguish and a certain fear depending on how the situation is presented or in what context things happen in the dream.

The Interpretation: is that concern to be constantly judged, to feel that whatever you do you have your eyes fixed on you and therefore you also have a certain fear of making a fool of yourself. All those insecurities that we have to how others see us, move to the dream in that way.

Interpretation of dreaming about meeting someone famous


Regardless of age, it is quite common for people to dream of someone famous, usually the dream is to share with these famous people as if they knew each other or had a lot of confidence, also as if they were knowing it at the time.

The meaning of dreaming about someone famous varies according to the personality of the person, on the one hand it can represent an obsession with that famous person in particular, feeling the need to know what he thinks about us. But also this type of dreams can reflect a strong attraction to fame itself and everything that entails, so to be in the dream with a famous person at the same level, it makes you feel as if you were also famous. Let’s say it’s a gift that gives you the mind to experiment at least in your dreams a little satisfaction and reward.

What is the meaning of dreaming with death

Death is one of the safest things we have in life, fear or fear of it is capable of creating the most globalized feeling in the world, all at the beginning of our life we ​​begin to reconcile the feeling of what death means to ourselves or for others.

The interpretation of dreaming about with the death of a close relative, the meaning is very clear, is a feeling so strong that the brain simulates that anguish to prepare for when that day arrives we can cope better. If we dream of our own death, it is our brain trying to try to fulfill our anxiety to know what it feels like to be dead, is where you may see things like a heaven with angels, hell or simply nothing. Also if you are a person who is very concerned about flattery and who will say, you may dream of your own burial.


Meaning of dreaming to fall

It can be from a very high altitude or from a few floors high, the fall has to be more or less long so you feel the insecurity of not being able to grab anything, you feel that neither you nor anyone can do anything to stop that fall.

The meaning is that recently you have come to have a very large responsibility, such as an asenso in the work that did not expect or couples who have just found out that they are pregnant, the reason to relate this to a fall is because it is the most exasperating situation that is It can give in anyone.


Interpretation of dreaming about flying

No planes, no wings, on its own and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, as if we had super powers. This dream expresses a very particular fantasy of almost everyone. Being able to fly is that point in your life in which one of your decisions has changed something very important, allowing you to have enormous control over the things that surround you that you did not think possible, you do not have to follow what everyone takes for granted that there is what to do. It also often happens that you feel fear while you are flying, this means even though you are in control, you are not completely sure of changing something and you are afraid to make some decisions.


What does it mean to dream about sexual things?

It is a bit difficult and complex to be able to decipher the meaning of dreaming about sexual themes or experiences. The first thing is to know how the person feels in the dream during that situation, if they feel embarrassed or feel comfortable, if it is they who are controlling it or if it is the other person who is guiding them. In essence it is the reflection of how we see ourselves with sex, everything that worries us, what we want and what we like to mix in this dream.

In the case of young people, these dreams are focused more on the things that prohibit us from education or the morality of society or upbringing and later as we grow sexual dreams focus more on our own desires. But the dream that can reflect the greatest possible concern is when you see other people having live relationships or a movie. These dreams can also reflect a repressed desire.

These dreams are not usually the only ones, there are thousands of experiences that can be perceived while we dream, for them in this link we leave you what is necessary to have a guide on how to interpret the meaning of your dreams in order to decipher each specific experience. Remember to share this article in your social networks.

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