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In recent weeks we have been surprising the world by a new type of game, something no one expected and that few thought would happen, collective addiction is invading societies and all results from a mobile phone application, very well thought out, well designed but which has behind itself unknown interests. Pokemón Go is the name of this game that is already giving a lot to talk about, accidents, curiosities, mass hysteria, etc., but nothing compares to the story about a woman who while playing Pokemón Go had a close experience with a real ghost  that she recognizes as the spirit of her husband.

Alicia Alikante is a 28-year-old woman resident of Nevada in the United States, had recently suffered the loss of her husband in very tragic circumstances product of heart attack, he was Computer Engineer but led a very messy life in terms of food and besides smoking too much, his constant work in front of computers did develop a very sedentary life which then caused his death, but Clark, was the name of the deceased today, always have repeated to Alice that he did not fear death and that although he died he would always be by her side. This sounded like a simple promise but she never imagined that due to a game like Pokemon Go she ended up checking so precisely that promise would be fulfilled.

Clark’s Ghost while playing Pokemón GO

pokemon go

It was Tuesday break from work and Alicia decided to start checking an application that a friend install in her iPhone called Pokemón GO, so far, she had only seen news about this game and noticed that many of his friends appeared zombies glued to their phones and they said “hunt” about some pretended animals, she of course did not understand but it caused her a lot of curiosity, so she read a bit about it and started to play, she went to the park on the way to the store, she went to a square and gradually she was wrapped up in this game some call the new game of the devil, she said every time she felt as if someone else was with her, but she thought it was the sensation of being glued to the phone.

Alicia tells that she was barely 4 months after losing her husband and therefore she still dressed in black, she went home in the late afternoon and she felt that something was pushing her to stay connected to the game, finally at nightfall she started to walk around her house, said: “there was a Pokemón that was shaped like a water vapor, he laughed very rare and it was very difficult for me to catch it” then she came to her room where it seemed to be the light was off, she was trying to turn it on noticing that it would not turn on and she managed to watch with her phone the strange Pokemón that she was looking for but seeing it so close and turning the phone abruptly she saw besides her was someone, it was a male figure, but she only could see it for a moment through the phone screen.

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Ghost videos or Paranormal Reality

pokemon goAlicia says she thought it was a phone failure, by battery and screen, then she decides to check it better on the first floor of the house, but the phone again give her a warning, there was once more a pokemon close and when she turn on the back camera and point to her back saw it, “it was him” said Alice, “I’m sure it was him” it seemed to be by mi side and he looked at me with eyes quiet and suddenly he disappeared, I only could see him when he is pointing by the camera. Since then Alicia says that neither the Pokemon Water Vapor was found again, she could not catch it and she could not see it again but what she says is that it was the real ghost of her husband Clark.

This game certainly generates every day more questions than answers, many mysteries are involved in its operation and how it attracts so many people, but it is possible that this game by using such a modern mechanism such as augmented reality allows us to see things with our devices that the human eye cannot perceive? Can beings from beyond or other dimensions then be able to communicate with us now more easily? What kind of Pokemon would be that Alicia saw while she was playing Pokemón Go? Questions that remain and you will have the opportunity to judge, for now download the application of the most recent and successful game of Pokemon and be carefull, look around with your eyes and with your camera, if you see something paranormal comets us. Alicia was convinced that ghosts are real and is true that there are paranormal events that connect us with people who have died.


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