pablo escobar mind

A worker, loving with his wife and his friends man who brings to the community large sums of money doing social, cultural and sports infrastructure works also having goals, political ambitions and strong leadership skills, surely comes to your mind Liberators, world leaders and figures who have contributed much to modern society, but what you’ll never guess is that this same man kills without mercy, planning attacks, handles millions of dollars of drug trafficking and is feared like no other, today we will see what this man had in his brain, we will analyze the mind of Pablo Escobar.

pablo escobar mind

Surely it is scary that a person has this duality of personalities, but it is. To begin able to understand Pablo Escobar’s mind is necessary to understand early development and youth training, he was the son of a rural teacher and a farm manager, was the third of seven brothers, and he was the only one to fall in crime at an early age, starting in criminal activities, stealing vehicles and then entering smuggling. The early part of his entry into crime is due, among other things, to an extremely permissive mother and even a questionable family nucleus.

Pablo Escobar’s mind was destroyed from young

At age 21 already he had a small criminal organization made up of faithful followers, and then began to help loved ones and people socially disadvantaged, money that he received from his criminal activities was used to help poor people. There we can see a mixture of two worlds, unconscionable and criminal power and desire to help. Pablo Escobar clearly fits in a personality disorder profile.

pablo escobar mind

Among the characteristics identified in Pablo Escobar with this disorder are: failure to adapt to social norms, dishonesty, lie repeatedly, use of alias, cheating people for personal benefits, irritability, aggression, reckless disregard for his own safety and others, lack of remorse, indifference to mistreat others. These traits explain his criminal side, but the other side? The side of a man with civic and humanitarian activities, their unconditional love for his wife and children, how you can explain that?

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How this personality contradiction is explained?

One explanation is that Pablo was formed in two realities where there was a great desire for power and also a desire to be a humanitarian appeal to the neediest, realities that became a single piece that he could never separate. Others believe that his kindness was just a desire to narcissism and an excessive desire for power. But under these characteristics he can be diagnosed as a psychopath, whose main characteristic is to have emotional anesthesia, do not feel guilt.

The emotions that Pablo could felt was anger, anger or sadness when things did not come out the way he wanted, for that he has been called moral crazy or insane without delirium, he had a capacity of preserved judgment, he knew how to distinguished what was right or wrong, but he did not care because he believed that limit was not for him.

Tell me what do you think of Pablo Escobar’s mind? why do you think he had that behavioral bipolarity that made him so peculiarly charismatic? perhaps this criminal mind could have been corrected when he was just starting to grow or is there something much beyond that we cannot figure out as the secrets of the human mind that saved answers to many questions that human beings do when characters like Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria are found.

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