Moais. Easter Island. Solved the Mystery of the Heads

Known as Rapa Nui in the Pacific Ocean in Polynesia, Easter Island is a place full of mysteries, huge statues called moais have been in the island from a long time, and for years archaeologists and scientists have wondered how is it that huge heads of volcanic rock were carved with humanoid figures and placed in strategic places on the island. How many are there? Who made them? When were they placed on the island? What is the meaning of the Moais? well, recently several of these questions have been answered and the results of the latest research have impacted the modern world, thus solving this great mystery of the moais in Easter Island.

The Mysteries that the Moais hide in Easter Island

In the beginning, it was thought that the number of Moais on the island did not exceed 50, but subsequent investigations have determined that there are more than 800 statues with these heads and bodies in human-shaped. The date of these huge stone heads was thought to be 700 years old, others say they were there even before the first known inhabitants of the island, linking them with ancient civilizations lost in time or to ancient alien visitors, but as we will see later the date that resulted from recent researches that has perplexed scientists.

The Moais are 13 feet height and weigh 15 tons each one of them on average. They are made of solid volcanic stone and there is no knowledge or record of how such a primitive society with such simple instruments could have been carved and transported these statues to the place where they are currently. Another of the mysteries surrounding Moais is the reason why they were made, because from the year 1722 when they were discovered by a Dutch explorer named Jakob Roggeveen, he began an investigation about its possible meaning that is still maintained to this day.

When were the Moais made?

Modern science had put the creation date of Moais about 800 to 1000 years old, which already represents a huge amount of time, but more recent studies on the erosion layers of the stones and the geology of the island date back these statues to more than 5000 years, an astronomical number of years of which there is no record for that territory of the planet.

If this date of creation of Moais is true we can even talk about 7000 years inclusive. We would be in front of monuments made by people on the island so old that it was lost in time and of which we only have these big heads of rock to give testimony. The depth of Moais torsos when they’re unearthed in some cases came to be up to 26 feet. What can establish the date of their construction up to 15 thousand years. This theory gives even more force to that the creators of these monuments were the ancient astronauts how the aliens who visited our planet in ancient times are known.

An interesting fact is that Moais that have been unearthed present inscriptions and those that are discovered do not have them. This could be due to exposure of thousands of years in a variant climate or to some moais were built with very marked differences in dates. What presumes that those who are buried were made by mysterious visitors to the island.

Who made the Moais on Easter Island?

Because current science does not yet recognize the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, they try to justify this type of ancestral monuments with primitive cultures that used the ingenuity of the moment to build such stone structures. But the truth is that in the inscriptions that have been found in the buried Moais, it is possible to detect similarities with those found at Machu Pichu in Peru and with those of ancient Egypt, which ends any theory that ensures that primitive Indians raised statues of 15 tons of weight.

Obviously these monuments were made and erected by very advanced ancient civilizations that received support from extraterrestrial beings to be able to leave an irrefutable record of their passage through our world.

How did Moais move or transported?

On Easter Island, lies one of the greatest energy enigmas of Earth. This is known as the “manna” and is a telekinetic energy that is capable of giving life and moving inanimate objects. Precisely, there is a monument on the island called the navel of the world, referring to the very center of Earth. From where the ancient inhabitants invoked the forces of Manna to give movement and life to Moais. In other words, regardless of all the theories that try to explain how the Moais were transferred. The truth is that intelligent beings from higher alien races came to the island through the navel of the world and transmitted that energy called Mana so that the Moais would move alone to their current location.

The large Moais statues were transported by a kind of spaceship manned by the extraterrestrial beings that produced an antigravity energy strong enough to move these large pieces of rock through the air, until they were put in their place. This theory is very similar to the one that explains how in Egypt these large blocks of rock could be moved with which they built the pyramids.

We can conclude that: these statues of Easter Island were not only heads, but were whole bodies, some even with more than 26 feet height and ancient writings that give clues to their origin. They were not moved by rudimentary methods, they were moved by superior extraterrestrial intelligence that visited the island and guided its first inhabitants. Were these same aliens who visited and helped the inhabitants of ancient Egypt to make the pyramids? are mysteries that still remain but that probably, with the advances of technology, and what remains to be discovered on Easter Island, we will surely know.

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