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The truth sets you free, but sometimes that truth can break your world apart when you have an image of some person. Was Mother Teresa of Calcutta really a woman who loved and helped poor people? We are going to reveal this and more in this article that shows us how she was no more than a false religious who hid a mysterious and dark secret, let’s talk then of Mother Teresa of Calcutta The truth revealed.

Who was Mother Teresa of Calcutta?

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu how it was the real name of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but the media, because of her known work trajectory for the needy, baptized her as the Angel of the Poor. She was born in Macedonia, she arrived to Calcutta in January of 1929, she was only 18 years old and she was already a nun of the order of Loreto.

She managed to create the most successful religious Order in the whole history of the Catholic Church. She got a Nobel Prizel of Peace and became worldwide known as the nun who helped the poor in Calcutta and then the whole world, all sustained with donations from large and powerful corporations and personalities from all around the world.

Although she made vows of poverty even in life, she made a film of what apparently was her career and this added donations from all over the world, literally made her swim in an ocean of money. She died in 1997 and in 2003 his beatification was approved.

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The Fake Work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

To see the reality of what was the false work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, you just have to go there, precisely to Calcutta, the city she got her name from and where this woman was supposed to dedicate her life to help poor people.

There, the first thing you can find is many humble people, very poor like Samitri a man with more than 30 years without teeth, he lives in one of the most depressed neighborhoods and due to his age he must have been one of the poor to whom Mother Teresa should have helped since he was a child, right?

Samitri says that never in his life he obtained anything from the religious order of Mother Teresa, rather his sustenance and many other’s according to him is due to the charity of an organization called The Assembly of God, an American foundation that serves more than 18 thousand meals a day in Calcutta. Samitri when was consulted by the organization of Mother Teresa responded:

Here we poor people have not received anything from those sisters, go ask in the poor neighborhoods to see if anyone has received anything from them, I doubt you will find someone. I do not understand how you Westerners have made you a saint

The myth of the religious Order Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The amounts of money that the Sisters of the Order of Calcutta receive annually is enormous, everyone knows that they have a lot of money, but nobody knows exactly what they do with it. It is very strange that in Calcutta there are more than 200 charitable organizations who work with poor people and the religious order of Mother Teresa is is one of the least contributing.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s lies

The name of the city of Calcutta is very related and it will be for a long time to Mother Teresa, the book published by Chatterjee – Mother Teresa The Final Verdict, dismantles a series of myths about this religious order of which we list below the main ones and the most impressive:

  • Schools: Mother Teresa always said that she ran a school in Calcutta with 5 thousand children. Is a school with so many children possible? It would be possible in India, but the truth is that you could not see any similar school,  it doesn’t exist.
  • Mother Teresa said that her religious order gathered people from the streets to help them, but there are many testimonies of people who say they have contacted them to ask for help and religious told them to dial the number 102 which is a number similar to 911 of emergencies.
  • The order has received as donations several ambulances, but these are used to drive religious to their personal activities or to the temples, they are never used to drive wounded or render aid.
  • Mother Teresa said that her order served almost 9,000 meals a day to poor people in Calcutta, but the truth is that their kitchens that are 3 in total only serve an approximate of 300 meals a day and are selected by the religious for Catholics, which are a minority religion in India.
  • Although the order has spread throughout the world, in the sites founded outside Calcutta, despite being built and maintained with charitable contributions, the poor are not helped there, they are only places used to form new religious.
  • Children who enter the shelters of the order to be helped are only accepted if the parents sign a waiver of parental authority and send it to the organization.
  • Mother Teresa often said that suffering was beautiful if it evoked the suffering of Christ, but when she became ill, she was hospitalized in first class clinics and with all the luxuries and attentions.
  • She came out in many reports in the world, recognized by a shelter that cared for the sick, it was one of her biggest propaganda works, but in reality only 80 people attended there and the medical service she provided was very basic. The syringes were recycled, the analgesics were little used, patients were denied visits and their heads were shaved.
  • The order accepted donations from very obscure sources such as those of Charles Keating, famous for perpetrating the massive fraud to savings and loans in North America.
  • It is estimated that the income of the order is more than 100 million dollars a year, but the expenses are secret and not for the modest of its establishment, as well as the follow-ups of its charities, show that they don’t spend all the money.
  • The fortune that this order handles is controlled by Rome and most of the money goes to some Vatican bank accounts.
  • The Vatican uses that amount of money to move loans to cardinal elites and maintain the Catholic structure.
  • The reason why they did not use painkillers in shelters is not because they did not have them, but because they told patients that the pain was to enjoy the suffering of Christ.

With this link you can download the book: Chatterjee – Mother Teresa, The Final Verdict in pdf format.

As you may have noticed, she was either a saint or an angel of poor people, but it seemed that she loved the poverty of others, which allowed her to continue receiving a lot of money in donations to support the largest and most famous religious order in all times.

Mother Teresa is no more than a fake image created by the Vatican and the great world elites to accumulate more wealth and maintain the levels of poorness in the world. Do not forget to share it on your social networks so more people can know the truth.

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