Mysteries of the Moon: a satellite planet that controls us

Science has fascinated the world since its inception, we have achieved as a civilization in just a few years incredible things and all thanks to science. But there are things that even science has not been able to explain at all, as an example we have: The Moon, a sphere of silver-colored rock that has accompanied humanity since always, looking at it from the top of the blue sky and that has aroused curiosity of man from antiquity to now. But, since when has it been there? What is its true function? What or who put it there? Why have not we been flying on its soil? These and more questions are the so-called mysteries of the moon that are being answered thanks to the latest discoveries in science.

These are Some of the mysteries of the Moon

There he has always been, he is in the sky every night no matter what we do he will leave it is something safe and still today dazzles us with his disturbing mysteries like the following ones:

  • It moves unnaturally: The orbit of the moon in front of the earth should be elliptical, but it is almost totally circular, which surprises science because it indicates that its movements could be controlled by some other artificial force.
  • Could it be older than the earth?: Apollo 11 brought a series of rocks that contained minerals that were tested potassium argon analysis that resulted in the incredible date of 20 billion years against the minerals found in Greenland that date our world in 7 billion years.
  • It has mineral components that do not exist in the earth: although the moon has 10 times more titanium than the rocks of the earth, it also contains elements such as Brass on its surface that does not exist in the earth, it has zirconium and yttrium in it. quantities abundantly superior to those of the earth. It also has an alloy of elements such as iron, sodium and aluminum that can only be obtained artificially in the earth in a metal-mechanic industry, but not in a natural way.
  • It follows us atypically: The moon follows the movement of our planet around the sun in an atypical way due to its accuracy, this causes the famous eclipses in which UFOs have been seen especially in Latin America.

Let’s see a report in which UFOs are observed on the Moon, incredible images that can hardly be refuted:

According to antiquity: The Moon was not always there

In many tales of antiquity people speak of people who existed before the arrival of the moon in our sky, contradicting the theory that the moon has always been there even since the formation of the planet. Let’s see the cases of antiquity in which these periods are related in which, according to their theorists, there were civilizations that inhabited the earth when the moon was not in the sky.

  • Artistoteles spoke of a town called the Pelagios, they were inhabitants of the arcadia, they said they had rights to be in the land because they inhabited it before the moon reached the sky. They were called the preselenos, people before the moon.
  • Plutarch in his volumes of Roman history spoke of the Arcadians, who followed the evanter, were selenos that meant those who were before the arrival of the moon.
  • Aplonio de Rodas, spoke of a time when the moon was not in the sky, at that time inhabited human beings very different from us, they lived without any satellite in the sky.
    Reviewing all these stories of antiquity we find that the moon is only spoken for 3600 years until today, ie before this time no history, story or written reflects the existence of something as relevant in the sky as the moon, as if it happens with the sun for logical reasons. But then: Where was the moon before it appeared in our sky? Who put it there? Undoubtedly a great mystery that we will then reveal in this text, let’s continue.

These are the Strange Effects of the Moon on Earth

The Moon produces an absolute effect of attraction in the waters of the seas of the earth, causing what we call the tides, so that in some countries lower and in another rise the sea level at will. The magma of the earth is altered by the gravitational attractions between the moon and our planet as if it were a perfectly synchronized cosmic dance.

At the University of Tokyo, an astonishing investigation has been unveiled in which it is assured that when there is a full moon or a new moon, large earthquakes occur, such as the demaule earthquake in Chile and the last ones in Indonesia. This and other apparently “natural” phenomena that occur due to the moon make us think that possibly someone put the moon there to maintain a certain control over events or cataclysms that occur to keep our civilization and its conditions of coexistence at bay with the environment.

Who put the moon there?

Starting from the fact that the moon has not always been there, something or someone put it there, it seems more and more an element put there to watch over us, to keep us controlled with the force of what we call nature. Perhaps a superior civilization in antiquity left it there at that distance and with that composition to remind us that we are a race created by superior beings from another world and from this satellite they control us and observe us.

Can we someday discover who or who is responsible for putting that perfect sphere there, perhaps when the other nations of the earth return to step on the moon and explore in depth we can find there more concrete clues of its enigmatic origin and unveil the mysteries of the moon.

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