Personality TEST

Different scientists in the world have analyzed different psychological profiles of some of the anonymous characters recognized as evil, showing their mental deviations and the degree of evil that exists in them. In this post we are going to present a personality test where you can know your own level of evil, if you want to know how evil you are, then take pencil and paper and answer these questions according to this criterion:

Answer “A” if you totally disagree with the statement.

Answer “B” if you are neutral to the affirmation.

Answer “C” if you are completely agree with the statement.

Affirmations of the Dark Triad Test

  1. It would be extremely dangerous to tell people my secret.
  2. I frequently change the version of the events to be out of danger, although this implies affecting another person directly.
  3. I try to maintain a good relationship and give favors only to people I know that in the future they can return the favor.
  4. I think group activities will be boring or a disaster without my presence.
  5. Whenever a person intervenes negatively with me he ends up repenting.
  6. I have never had problems with the Law.
  7. I consider myself a normal person without special skills.
  8. I like to have intimate relationships with people I just met.
  9. I tend to memorize information and data that I can then use against people.
  10. I see people as puppets to which I can manipulate.
  11. I already have experience how to get rid of the authorities.
  12. People always say that I’m out of control.

Now count the number of each letter you have obtained, make a table where you put how many letters of each type you have.




If you have obtained 6 or more “A” then you are weakly evil: You control your ego and the concept of yourself very well, you can be considered a ray of light in the dark, but you should always bear in mind that you are part of a dark world that is constantly on you.

If you have obtained 6 or more “B” you are infrequently Evil: Sometimes you allow people to take their own advantage, appearing before them to be a fool, but at other times your dark side shines and you use very intelligent strategies to achieve what you want.

If you have obtained 6 or more “C” you are highly Evil: you can walk on the dark side of humanity without problems and master all the aforementioned statements, although these skills you use for good sometimes becomes different thinking that being the most evil possible is what can help you succeed, no matter what you have to do.

If you have obtained a tie between the letters you are decisively and balancedly Evil: you always think two steps ahead, sometimes it seems that you are very calm but your great strategies are mental.

This personality test aims to measure the narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism of the human mind discovering that they are not always observed separately, many people with one of those strongly marked properties also tend to show some of the other two. They called this combination of traits the dark triad.

Many people associate bad or evil being with the successful results of their life both at work and in the development of their social life and even their love life, but is that really so? What do you think? Tell me at what level of Evil are you? And if you liked the Test, share it so that your friends can do it and so they can detect its degree of evil.

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