Origin of the RH Negative Factor: Extraterrestrials, gods or reptilians

In Ufology, they have a theory that explains that human beings are the product of a genetic crossing with extraterrestrial beings. A kind of experiment done by beings from very intelligent civilizations that resulted in the human race. This belies the theory of the evolution. But an experiment of this type must have left some genetic trace and this was precisely what was found in people with RH Negative factor in their blood. Recent tests and studies that we will see below demonstrate that people with this blood type could be direct descendants of extraterrestrial beings, turning them into hybrid humans.

What is the Negative RH factor?

The RH factor is the protein found in human blood that is directly related to monkey Rhesus and when the reaction to the study is negative, the result is that the person does not have traces of the monkey’s offspring, then from whom?

15% of human beings have a negative RH factor, among their genetic components traces of DNA from reptile animals have been found. A recent study in which tests have been carried out on people who say they have had an abduction experience has determined that 90% of them have this unusual factor in their blood. Is this a coincidence?

Special characteristics of people with RH Negative Factor

People with negative RH factor are special and have easily detectable characteristics that we will describe below, pay attention because if you have any of them, you could be a human with extraterrestrial blood running through your veins:

  • Having sensitive vision.
  • Lower body temperatures.
  • Sensitivity to heat and sunlight.
  • They have a high psychic energy.
  • Ability to stop clockwise and manipulate electrical appliances without touching them.
  • Having extra vertebrae in their spine.

The investigation presumes that we were a slave race created to serve these extraterrestrial beings, because 97% of our DNA is deactivated and only 3% is known as necessary to be able to live.

Evidence that humans have extraterrestrial blood

As if you don’t fit into this society? Check your blood type first, because if you are RH Negative then this may be the cause of your rarity. In northern France and southern Spain it is where there is the highest concentration of people with the Negative RH factor worldwide. 45% of Europeans have a negative RH factor, of Afro-descendant peoples only 3% and only 1% are found among Americans and Asians. This gives an idea that it was in what we know today as Europe where approximately 40 thousand years ago this type of blood was introduced into our race, but who did it? let’s keep going.

Steven Alten, author of the book Maya Testament in its chapter on the subject of the origin of humanity, explains that the introduction of the Negative RH factor was not natural in our blood or product of the evolutionary process, but was artificially introduced by a source external to any known organism on planet earth.

David Icke, author of the book “Dont mention the reptiles”clearly says in his interviews that people with the negative RH factor are hybrid humans descended from a race that mixed reptile DNA and human DNA.

Basque people, aliens and the Negative RH factor

Mabel Royce, renowned writer on this subject, refers to the special anomaly in the Basque town where 40% of them have a negative RH factor. Furthermore, they have a unique language on the planet, which hints that they may be descendants of ancient astronauts. An ancient culture that has continued throughout the centuries but that genetically separates them from the rest of humanity. There is no other town or cultural group in the world that contains so many cases of RH Negative factor.

Disruption in the human evolutionary process

According to the new studies of human DNA that are known in the The Synchronicity Key written by David Wilcock, at some point in human history the human species crossed paths with a strange and mysterious type of being, giving rise to a superior and intelligent being that accelerated the evolutionary process and its traces are still found in the Negative RH factor. Now, according to the ancient civilizations this happened because the Gods as they call the aliens came down from the sky and took for themselves women of the human species to reproduce and form a new race.

What explains the Negative RH Factor and abductions

As ufologists explain, people with this factor could be being genetically manipulated to increase the percentage of humans with this type of blood and thus fulfill a dark purpose of these superior races by exterminating the original human race from the planet to definitively implant a race with extraterrestrial blood with which they could coexist.

If you have this type of blood then it is not surprising that you can be visited by these beings and that DNA from some corner far from space runs through your veins. You could be a special human, demigod or half extraterrestrial, however you want to call it, that at some point you would be called by them for some purpose.

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