Origin of the Sphinx of Giza: findings of antiquity

We all know the Sphinx of Giza, it is famous for being an ancient building but besides this, it is surrounded by many mysteries about its true origin. Was this ancient wonder actually created by the pharaohs or did their origin date back thousands of years? or is it an extraterrestrial creation? The mysteries about this construction are many and little by little science helps to reveal them, however, the various theory soon emerge and make theirs.

Truths about the Sphinx of the Giza Plateau

The Sphinx of Giza has baffled connoisseurs since their discovery and there is nothing to prove the true story about the exact origin of it.

There is no written proof or mentions about the true origin of the Sphinx of the Giza Plateau, but if we are sure of anything, it is that it did not appear alone. Someone built it, and his work was so perfect that it still stands upright, being a symbol of greatness and hierarchy.

Ukrainian scientists claim that the Sphinx of Giza has more than 800 thousand years

Recently, Ukrainian scientists were given the task of trying to answer all the doubts that have been generated about the origin of the Sphinx of Giza and concluded that it is at least 800 thousand years old.

Manichev Vjacheslav and Alexander Parkhomenko, the Ukrainian scientists who began with the research of the Sphinx, claim that it remained submerged for many years underwater.

The hypothesis has caused great stir, but is supported by geological studies that clearly detail that this area was submerged under water.

Evidence of the existence of Atlantis?

According to the studies, there is scientific evidence, at the end of the Pliocene geological period, the sea flooded the Nile Valley and the whole area.

In addition, there is a brand that exceeds 180 meters, of the current brand of the Mediterranean Sea. This finding is related to many more things than thought, as this would indicate that ancient civilizations inhabited our planet much earlier, in this hypothesis, scientists are quite reluctant to give statements, they do not know how to explain if this originated in the lost world of Atlantis or its origin comes from beings that formerly inhabited the earth but who abandoned it to be on other planets and are what we now call extraterrestrials.

Other theories about its origin

Many opinions indicate that, under the sphinx rebuilt by the , there is one with many more years of antiquity, one that was already there. Then there are infinities of theories and hypotheses about the origin of this sphinx, but of which there is no doubt, is that the Sphinx of Giza is many years older than was believed and that those possible 800 thousand years since its inception , they are surrounded by many secrets.


Many years have passed and it is most likely a work that has been appreciated by many civilizations, but it is still not known with certainty who were responsible for its construction, nor the technology they used to make it, which must have been much superior to the existing technology thousands of years ago, hence the enigma, the mystery and the generation of theories that justify its existence and point to the possible date of this majestic work.

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