Real fairies: proofs that prove their existence

Nature has many mysteries, dimensions that coexist in the same space and that sometimes communicate allowing human to be surprised by beings as fantastic as fairies. Fairies are one of the most enigmatic and wonderful beings that exist, they captivate with their beauty, they are considered guardians of nature and live in a magical world very different from ours. In fairy tales, we are shown magic trees that are believed to be the fairies home, but what would happen if these stories were not a simple fantasy? What if they were a reflection of reality? Could they really exist? Is there proof of their existence? the answer is yes, and we are going to know in this article the 5 most conclusive proofs of the existence of fairies.

How to see fairies?

Sometimes the universe allows communication between different worlds, mysterious interconnections that cross dimensions allowing beings of these worlds to visualize another ones. It is then when cases of videos or pictures of these wonderful beings are reported, as we will see below they are irrefutable proof of the fairies existence. But in addition to that, we also have ways of communication with these beings in the tarot of the fairies and other methods and techniques that allow us to visualize and contact these incredible creatures, and access their vast knowledge of nature. Here we leave an explanatory video of how to see fairies that we are sure will be of great help.

Evidence that proves that fairies are real

The first thing we are going to clarify is that to list this count of the 5 most impressive proof we have been guided by aspects such as:

  1. Professional recognition and reputation of witnesses.
  2. The clarity of the evidence.
  3. Testimony of people, also with a good reputation, who claimed to have verified these facts.

Lisa Wildgoose Photograph

Lisa Wildgoose, with a wide reputation in the audiovisual world, a photographer by profession, respected and admired for her work, inadvertently captured one of the most impressive proofs of the existence of fairies. So far it has not been possible to be rebutted. On May 3, 2015, while resting with her daughters in a field, she decided to take a picture of a bouquet of snowdrops for one of her jobs, but when she was reviewing the photos she noticed that next to the snowdrops a tiny being could be seen. They have wings and they wore a kind of strange dress. The photo shocked social networks becoming viral and to the date there is no explanation in this regard.

Lisa Wildgoose, professional photographer with her daughters
Original photography
Magnification of the image, Fairy

The Findhorn Orchard

In 1963, Dorothy Maclean along with Peter and Eileen Caddy, claim to have established contact with the world of fairies through symbols, spells and telepathy. The fairies allowed them access to a supreme knowledge of nature. According to those contacted, fairies helped them to create a very productive garden in a very arid and not fertile land in Scotland, they managed to produce, in this garden, vegetables and fruits of tropical climate and some vegetables larger than normal sizes. It was possible to verify that the quality of the soil was strangely higher than the average of that area. Currently there is a university program and is visited by scientists from around the world to verify this phenomenon. If it is true or not the contact with fairies, this is only verified by the fact that something unknown up to now happens in the garden of Findhorn that produces this great fertility on earth and generates this type of food, would they be fairies? Maybe yes.

Findhorn orchard techniques.
The Findhorn Orchard
Giant vegetables

The Fairies of Rossendale

In recent years, some photographs taken by John Hyatt, director of the Institute of Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) of the Metropolitan University of Manchester, appeared. In which you can see tiny beings with a humanoid body and wings that held themselves flying in the air. The photos were taken at Whitaker Park and can currently be seen at the park museum. The photos are very impressive but also could not be denied and on the contrary their veracity has been verified. Will these beings be fairies? see and judge for yourself.

Photo of Phylis Bacon

This proof is from 2007 and belongs to Phylis Bacon who was in a town in South London and decided to take some pictures of his environment. At first, he did not notice anything strange but when he saw the photos in detail he noticed that there were some strange beings with wings and very illuminated that seemed suspended in the air. Bacon began to investigate to see if it was some kind of insects but did not find coincidences. So after more than 2 years he decided to publish them in 2009 generating a great controversy.

The Tultitlan fairy

This is the most recent proof, dates from 2012 and is of a young man who was walking through a forest in the Tultitlan region of Mexico. While advancing, he heard voices of children coming from an area that had been devastated by a very strong fire. In that place, he found a body with a humanoid shape and wings like a bat, below it had short vertical wings and pointed ears. This young man gave the body to a biologist to carry out a study. Enrrique Ortiz who confirmed that this body corresponds to a being that actually had life, but is not classified within any known species. Nowadays, new studies are being carried out, but those who know fairies say that it is the clearest proof of the existence of these mythical beings.

As we have seen, the evidence is very clear and forceful. Fairies exist and perhaps their world, in some moments, intersects with ours allowing to collect these proofs that lead ud to bring fairies from being a fantasy to be a reality. Share on your social networks.

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