Savant syndrome: causes and cases of superhuman by accident

There are people, classified as superhuman, with extraordinary abilities that are capable of performing feats that for the rest of the individuals would not be possible. In many cases, their abilities manifest themselves in a natural way, either because of their genetic conditions, their practices or their learning. However, there are people who began to experience incredible skills through an accident or misfortune, so, we invite you to know the most amazing cases of savant syndrome that are superhumans by accident.

Savant syndrome

This is a little known syndrome, which is caused by the fact that a person who goes through an accident becomes a superhuman. Yes, such as the movies of superheroes, where Peter Parker is bitten by a spider and becomes Spiderman, in that way it happens with the syndrome of savant, where only an accident gives them unique powers that become a mystery.

Savant cases – The superhuman cases

Among the most emblematic cases of the savant syndrome or what we know as savantism, are:

Case of Tony Citoria

He is a 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon, after speaking with his mother from a telephone booth, he was struck by a bolt of lightning that threw him to the ground in an unconscious state, where he hit his head and his heart was paralyzed. Tony narrated the following: “At that moment I had an extrasensory experience, I saw my body on the ground, I said I am dead, a woman helped me, in seconds I floated down the stairs, my conscience was with me, I saw my children and I felt that nothing would happen to them, I saw the best of my life and the worst in a matter of seconds, I was surrounded by a blue light, surrounded by a feeling of peace and well-being, pure pure ecstasy thinking, I said to myself, this is the most wonderful feeling I’ve had, I was back, at that moment I felt the pain of the burns suffered, I felt I had come back to life”.

A few days later Tony felt the need to sit at a piano and became obsessed with piano music, although he never received instruction, and had not played piano before, he felt how the chords and melodies that he had shape.

Tony is, currently, a great composer who lives for piano music and says that the only reason he came back to life was music.

The case of McMahon

Ben Mc Mahon, 22, suffered a traffic accident that left him in a coma, where everyone believed he would not get over it, to the days, he regained consciousness, however, after 7 days he awoke and by his side he had a nurse with oriental features and began to speak in perfect Chinese Mandarin.

Mc Mahon regained consciousness with the perfect ability to speak, to write in a fluent and exact Mandarin, causing the astonishment of the nurse, who could not speak Mandarin, but only a few words. But the fact is that he only spoke Mandarin, forgetting his native language, which was English.

It took him 3 days to recover his native language and when he got better he moved to Shanghai, where he works and maintains a successful life.

The brilliant mind of the music of Derek Amato

Derek was 41 years old. A simple home life without having a defined vocation, after a party at home he threw himself into the pool for a ball and hit his head, was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a severe contusion, with a slight loss of memory, and a 35% reduction in hearing for a lifetime.

After leaving the hospital, he went to the house of a friend who had a piano and felt the need to play the piano, although he did not know how to play the piano, he played a classic Beethoven piece, his friend was shocked to hear it, he was playing for 6 hours, currently plays 8 musical instruments very well without having received any induction of them.

The cognitive skills of Jason Padgett

Jason, 31, was brutally beaten by two strange subjects, causing a concussion and an internal hemorrhage that forced him to rest. Within days Jason began to perceive something extraordinary, he saw reality as a tissue Mathematical, he saw a series of lines connecting different points forming geometric figures, could immediately intuit hidden angles or make complex angles just by taking a look, he could perceive diagrams, linear representations, he had acquired the ability to see reality, he crossed geometrical figures complex and fractal, based on physics and mathematics, since then he can not avoid numbering everything, each number suggests an image and each image suggests new forms.

Tommy Mc Hugh’s Sage Syndrome

At age 51, Tommy suffered a stroke, felt a burst on the left side and then felt another burst on the other side of his head, when he woke up he was already in the hospital and when he looked out the window he saw a tree drop numbers 3, 6,9, then he began to speak in verse, then he was surgically woke up with the impulse to write poetry, paint and draw obsessively up to 19 hours a day, although he had never liked art or culture before.

Tommy has damaged the frontal ovum so that his brain is unable to discriminate all the raw information and always creates new associations fostering an increase in creativity, he says that his paintings represent a snapshot of thousandths of a second of his brain.

Sage Syndrome, Savant and Autism

The functioning of the brain is still a complete mystery even for experts, since it is a field that still needs to be investigated, although no definitive explanation has been given about how these skills known as savant or savant syndrome originated, all the theories suggest that the brain compensates for the lack of activity of damaged areas by activating other areas less damaged and healthy.

Among other stories, they are:

These real stories are a sample of the incredible potential of the human being that remains inactive, perhaps the day will come when we achieve these activities not by accident, but as a consequence of the integral development of our being.

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