Secrets of Fidel Castro: What he knew about aliens

Secrets of Fidel Castro: What he knew about aliens

There is no doubt that Fidel Castro has been one of the most emblematic and peculiar characters in modern history. Due to the difficulty of accessing him and his particular way of governing, he became the protagonist of a series of myths and legends that still circulate today in Havana and the United States. Today we will know one of the most strange and little known events of the controversial life of Fidel Castro that according to his testimony really happened and has to do with extraterrestrial life and UFOs in Russia, what did the dictator know about that issue? Did the Russians reveal that it caused so much impact?, Let’s review this event that is part of one of the greatest secrets of Fidel Castro.

Interview with Fidel Castro: Extraterrestrial theme

In a recorded interview on March 29, 2012, the then president of Cuba reported an experience that according to his criteria would be completely real, there Fidel Castro made a series of reflections among which he referred: the war of the major powers, intellectual enrichment and the absence of culture in society. But instants after giving the interview, the dictator took a break and then began to talk about a conversation he had with Pope John Paul II in 1998 about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, this motivated the large number of sightings of unidentified flying objects in Cuba and Puerto Rico at that time.

After concluding the interview, Fidel Castro spoke about an experience he had during one of his visits to the former Soviet Union in the 1960s, where he was able to learn firsthand about the secrets that this super power of the time kept about the extraterrestrial phenomenon , as reported by Fidel, I leave the assistants with an open mouth and a lot of uncertainty about the stories of this peculiar character.

Fidel Castro and his experience with extraterrestrials

According to Fidel Castro in the 60’s, he was invited by the Soviet Union to visit his capital city, where he was taken to a secret military base that is quite far away, the reason was because a very unusual event had occurred and they wanted Castro be aware. Once they reached the base, government soldiers would have shown Castro a shattered ship that was recovered by an army expedition after it crashed into a wooded area of ​​the country.

Fidel also reported that he was shown a creature that remained immobile tied to a steel table that was found lifeless inside the ship. Castro described the being as an elongated humanoid body and a large stature and very pale skin. I also narrated Fidel who was then taken to the secret base of Kapustin Yar, a base that for years has been considered the 51st area of ​​Russia and that is closely related to the UFO Phenomenon.

“The Russian Rosswell” Was this what Fidel Castro described?

In the year 1969 an Unidentified Flying Object crashed in Russian territory, there the military managed to recover parts of the ship and a body belonging to an Alienigena. These facts were revealed when the secret archives of the KGB were uncovered in 1998 in a documentary of the TNT chain. These documents mention facts that coincide with the declaration of what Fidel Castro saw on his trip to Russia, the similarity in terms of the year and the events is very clear. So, was the Cuban dictator a witness to that case called Russian Roswell in reference to the famous case of Roswell in the US ?, is a secret whose details and this enigmatic and peculiar character has been taken to the grave.

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