Difficulty dating led them to this

Difficulty dating led them to this

While to the rest of the world these relationships may be perverse, morbid or strange, for these people is a normal relationship, they are people not as normal as you, suffering a mysterious illness that makes them develop an obsession for inanimate objects taking them to have emotional and sentimental attraction that occurs in some cases frustration when it comes to dating, for that reason, we show you these that are the most impressive Photos of couples in love that you will not hesitate to qualify as strangers.

Images of couples with inflatable dolls, Marck’s case

Images of couples with inflatable dolls

Imágenes de parejas con muñecos inflabes caso Marck

love dragon

Marck is a young man who has as friends, a large family of inflatable pool dolls with which he has coexist for 7 years since he buys an inflatable whale after that started all this madness, he says he loves them all the same way but there is one that causes him special pleasure and that he considers his partner “Lili” an inflatable dragon with which he says he marry her soon. Tender images, right?

In love couples’ images: Dave’s balloons

The balloons are usually very colorful and ideal for decorating, but in Dave’s case are much more than that, he thinks they’re the love of his life, recently in an interview he confessed that he is in love with his balloons, for him these balloons are his family, he hugs them, he takes care of them and he kisses them as if it were a human being, There is nothing harmful in his feelings, as he says that he and his balloons only show pretty pictures of love, he just wants to give them love because he considers that they have feelings and they are very vulnerable to the world around them.

Images of love for his cars: Nataniel

In love couples’ images: Dave’s balloons

With just 27 years, this young man named Nataniel developed a very special love for his car, he named the car “chase” and literally considers it his partner, He says that he has a sentimental relationship with this object.

When he did not find a partner he stayed with his pillow

anime lov doll

When he did not find a partner he stayed with his pillow

These if they are  tender images of love , Nisan is the name of this subject after a convention of Japanese anime was struck by a character named Nemu a doll of a video game and since then decided not to leave her and thought of wanting take it everywhere, for this the command to print on a pillow which speaks, lives and holds a “loving” relationship as it expresses, go to restaurants, karaokes and walk, not life imagines without your partner “pillow” so much he wants to be buried with her.

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