The 5 Secret Societies that control the world

The excessive ambition to achieve more and more power in order to obtain more easily the own objectives, seems to be inherent essence to many human beings. Throughout history, many men with common goals, have grouped together forming sects, in order to dominate their environment from the shadows in secret meetings, dictating a new established order, moving the chips at will, over a board called world. Their influence on the most important events in history, their broad power and their excessive amount of economic, political and military resources make them deserving of a position in this list of the most influential secret societies in the world.

What is the Priory of Sion?

The Priory of Sion is a secret society, which according to those who support its existence since ancient times, would be the most influential in Western history. Historically, this order was founded by Pierre Plantard in 1956 being characterized as a modern extension of the Rosicrucians, however others claim that the Priory of Sion was founded 1700 years ago, in the year 325 after Christ. In 1920, a newspaper owned by Henrry Ford published an anti-Semitic document called “Protocols of the Sages of Zion”, which spoke of the supposed Jewish plot to dominate the world, which influenced the spread of anti-Jewish ideology, and, more specifically, of the Nazi dogmas.

The ultimate objectives of the Priory of Sion would be to achieve a new United Europe converted into super power, from which to establish a new world order, replacing the Catholic religion with a new state religion,
after making known the revelations of the Holy Grail and the testaments of Judas, and bringing to light, the supposed descendants of Jesus Christ protected by the Order. Interest in the Priorato grew exponentially after the publication of the book “The Da Vinci Code” in 2003.

Masons and secret societies

Freemasonry is a set of secret societies, organized in lodges, that defines itself as a philosophical and humanistic fraternity, with a purpose of spiritual and social perfection of the human being. The Great Masonic Lodge was created in 1717 when four groups of lodges were united. Masonry is structured in a pyramidal form in 33 levels of knowledge, where its members do not know the developments and obligations of the higher level.

The Masons carry out their rituals and initiations with a strong ritual component which accentuates the mystery that looms over them. They refer to God as “The Great Architect of the Universe” and to Jesus Christ as the Chief Apostle of Humanity, but to pronounce his Name, however, is prohibited. Even today, membership of this society is prohibited by the Catholic Church, under penalty of excommunication. Freemasonry is not a religion, nor a humanitarian organization, nor a sect, nor an educational system, nor a political party, nor a lobby, but the reality is that it is all of it. A sleeping giant, with hundreds of thousands of members that one day can wake up.

Who are the Skull and Bones?

The Order of Skull and Bones is a partnership of Yale University founded in 1832, originally known as the Brotherhood of Death. It is one of the oldest secret student societies in the United States. Your membership is open by invitation to 15 people meticulously chosen by the members each year. The society uses rituals inspired by Masonic rituals to this day. The members meet every week in a building they call the “Tomb”. Both Bush Sr. and son, for example, have been members of society during their studies at Yale, as well as members of the Supreme Court, senators, and great businessmen.

The name of the society is full of conspiracy theories, the most popular is probably the idea that the CIA was constituted by members of the brotherhood. Likewise, renegade members of the group spoke of the belief of two castes, they and the barbarians, as they call the non-members. As a curious fact, these members admitted that in the fraternity dinners, a dish that once belonged to Hitler was used.

What is The Bilderberg Club?

The Bilderberg Club or Group is the name given to a group of about 130 people, from the influential ones of the world, belonging to politics, banking, royalty, aristocracy, intelligence, military sector or to large multinationals, who meet each year by invitation between huge security measures. This Society differs from the others in that it does not have official members. The structure of the meetings is the conference, and although their agenda is secret, no one doubts that they design the threads that will try to handle the world in the coming dates.

Attendance at the meeting involves a pact of silence and very little transcends, but as a curious fact, a few years before the start of the crisis, they were entrusted with an exercise, where the scenario that subsequently happened was explained with exactitude, and consisting in how to get out greater economic and social performance of this fact. Many people attribute to them that the current global economic crisis was born designed or at least spoiled in these meetings.

Who are The Illuminati?

The Illuminati were a secret society emerged largely from Freemasonry, in Bavaria in 1776 and advocated for equal rights and gender equality. It was banned and, in theory, eradicated, but many presuppose that it survived hidden and propitiated the French Revolution. At present, there is no reliable evidence that they exist as an organized group, but even so, the power of influence of the word Illuminati is enormous.

It is a privileged elite of all social areas managing the world at will to perpetuate and increase its success and power of influence. And the reality is that, whether or not they exist as an organized group, it is clear that they exist as an individual or as a small group in all places and social environments, because the reality of the human being, will always make someone willing to use others as mere instruments for their own well-being, and therefore, the only reality, is that we are all surrounded by illuminatis.

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