The book of Thot. A cursed text that can revive the dead

In antiquity it has been possible to know thanks to different sacred texts and found manuscripts that lived superior beings that were venerated and coexisted with humans, imparting their knowledge of space, as well as of life and death, something that was always registered by our ancestors in these books that some consider as cursed. One of these texts is the so-called Book of Thot, a manuscript that contains complex mathematical equations, hidden rituals and privileged information related to the bible, the construction of the pyramids and even how to resuscitate a dead person, we will learn more about this enigmatic book.

What is the book of Thot and what does it contain?

The book of Thot is an Egyptian manuscript that is made up of 78 sheets of pure gold from which an important amount could be recovered, in which according to the experts of ancient Egypt is the key to decipher enigmas and mysteries of humanity, as well as supreme knowledge of the universe and life after death. The book is composed of 2 dialogues, that is, it is not a scientific text as you might think, rather it is a conversation in which you can discover all the sacred and hidden knowledge embedded in the middle of a great story told in two parts.

The first part of the story relates a dialogue between Hermes Trismegisto a mythical being lost in time and the very god Thoth who would be his disciple and the second part would be a dialogue between Thot and the god Osiris. It is a story of love and fear in which we can see as we will see later that they could be immortal beings who for some reason were trapped in this world and decided to leave here implanted their sacred knowledge the whole. It is said that whoever has access to the book of Thot completely will be able to see the gods as they are in reality and be able to perceive them wherever they are.

The curse of the Manuscript of Thot

As reported in a section of this book the god Thot would have written 36,525 books similar to this, which represents a challenge for someone deadly and with such limited time of our lives. In it is also told where it would be placed for safekeeping because of its great power, the book says that it was kept in the Nile in a box full of poisonous snakes.

The prince Egypt Nefer Ka Ptah tries to recover the sacred text and finally achieves it after fighting and beating the snakes, this is considered by Thoth and the other gods as an offense and in revenge they decide to kill his wife and his son, this fact produces a great depression in the prince that leads him to commit suicide. Then the god Thot decides to bury the book again next to the corpse of Nefer Capta and conjures there the curse of the book of Thoth that sought to prevent other thieves from stealing it.

Setne victim of the curse of Thot

After several generations a descendant of Prince Nefer Ka Ptah called Setne knows the history of the great power that has the book and goes to the grave of his ancestor and unearths the cursed text along with the bones of the prince. At the moment when Setne unearths the book, Nefer Ka Ptah’s ghost appears warning him of the curse and ordering him to return the book to his grave, but Setne does not pay attention to it and leaves with the book.

On the way Setna meets a very beautiful woman who ends up seducing him and makes him lose his mind and when he wakes up he realizes that this woman also murdered his wife and children and Setna is humiliated before the pharaohs, but everything was a illusion created by the spirit of Nefer Ka Ptah to return the book to the grave and it ends up doing it.

Thus ends the story of the conversation between Hermes and Thot, as one can see a story without much apparent content but that contains in key important aspects of life and death and the most valuable secrets of the universe. Let’s continue analyzing.

The god Thot and the power of time

Thot had extraordinary power over time, he could go in any direction in the fourth dimension which is time at will. In the other part of the history of the book of thot is told how there existed a world in which thought was collective, the connection between human brains allowed us to mix our minds. It also refers to concepts such as telepathy, something that is still under study today and which was not believed to have been known 15,000 years ago.

Another interesting aspect of this second story is that it referred to having the technology to revive bodies, that is, they had the methods and techniques necessary to bring people back to life who had already died. Thot revealed in his text how he could bring a being from life to death and vice versa. He also had the ability to communicate with all the animals as well as to be able to modify the matter and work with the energy at will.

The god Thoth also reveals the creation of the first calendar, because he knew precisely the movements of the earth and the sun, he knew the movements of the moon so he could predict the flood of the rivers and seas. Also there in his writings can be identified that this deity was the creator of language, verbs, words and conjunctions. It was his design that allowed the transition between the world of the living and the world of souls.

Where is the cursed Book of Thot?

This book is not complete to date, in the papyrus of Turin reference is made to a pharaoh had a few pages of this book and tried to kill. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, also had access to some pages of this book and from there he was able to elaborate a series of theories of his studies. It is also known that the destruction of the Library of Alexandria also destroyed part of some pages that rested there of the book.

This ancient text was included in the condemned books of Jacques Bergier, a literary work that explains in more detail the passage of this book through history and how it has been kept alive in the dark anonymity although they have wanted to destroy it. to tell the terrible experiences that those who have said have some of their pages.

Finally, it is known that excerpts from this cursed book are scattered all over the world, some in the hands of powerful groups and governments with high technological developments. It is also known that this book was the basis of spiritualism and modern occultism and communication with the dead.

Here you can download the Book of Thot in PDF format


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