emanuela orlandi

The Holy See has in its interior a great variety of mysteries, which today still remain unanswered, one of them is the strange case of Emanuela Orlandi, she was a young woman who resided in the facilities of the Vatican City, but that when he turned 15 years old, he generated a mystery that has not been solved until today. And it remains then as one of the stains left by the crimes of the Catholic Church, one of the darkest secrets of the Vatican.

On June 22, 1983 this girl left her house to go to take a class at the conservatory and moments later she called her sister on the phone to tell her that she had received an offer to work in a fashion show and telling her that she would return right away to the house. That was the last day that someone knew something about Emanuela because since then her trail has been completely lost.

Emanuela Orlandi and the Vatican terrible secrets.

After that, it began to generate one of the largest and most shocking cases of kidnappings related to the Catholic Church, because it was not only the case of a girl who resided in the Vatican but she was daughter of an employee who worked in that city, He was a teacher who taught classes in the Holy See, so this case then had even more relevance not only in Italy but abroad, to the point of motivating interventions by Pope John Paul II.

emanuela orlandi

At first everything pointed to a disappearance of a teenager, which did not seem like such a serious event, but after a while things started to turn dark very dark, it was not an isolated case, One year before the events, a young teenager had also disappeared under similar conditions to those of Orlandi and this case also remained unsolved, generating more questions than answers.

Vatican Archives and the Orlandi Case – Unanswered facts.

Some people say they saw Emanuela at a bus stop where she would later board a black BMW car, even a cardinal says that she entered the Vatican later and would leave in a car with these same characteristics, and then she disappears. Then this case was gradually forgotten, but was revived when happen the attack against John Paul II, where Ali Aka author of the attack later assured that Emanuela was alive and hidden in Turkey where he had even married, but this statement only left more questions.

In 2005, the case is heard again, but in a more precise way, Sabrina Minardi, who was the lover of the mafia boss Enrico de Padis, claimed that he had been the author of Orlandi’s kidnapping, 4 years after this declaration, Sabrina was still holding her version, even assuring that she would have been the one in charge of introducing Emanuela in the car and taking her to where her lover asked her to turn her into a slave.

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Mysteries of the Vatican: The reason of Emanuela Orlandi’s kidnapping.

Gabriele amorth

Everything would be directly related to the mafia boss Enrico de Padis and some Vatican officials, because apparently the kidnapping was ordered by Paul Casimir, president of the Vatican bank. According to what Sabrina declares, Emanuela’s father would have been in contact with papers that would be very inconvenient for the church to know its content, and the kidnapping was the final decision to fix some power games.

The Vatican protected Archbishop Casimir from going to jail because he claimed diplomatic immunity protecting him against various investigations. However, there is something else there, all the missing girls had something in common with the Orlandi case, they all wanted to be models.

In 2012 something else happened that will leave you thinking, on May 24 a new declaration came out, coming from the same church, Father Gabriele Amorth declared that Emanuela Orlandi had been all that time in the Vatican being used as sexual slave in a number of orgies. A sad ending that has not been proven yet since its conclusion rests on the deepest secrets of the Vatican.

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