The Secrets that Hide the Catholic Church and the Vatican

Throughout history thousands of people but is that millions have suffered product of the dogmas and religious beliefs, religion since it has claimed more lives than the war itself. In the different religions dark secrets are hidden, but especially in the catholic church they have been able to reveal recent enigmas that the mere fact of imagining them produce terror. An institution so big and since its inception has been responsible for spilling so much innocent blood under the protection of divine power, is really a corporation full of vices and events that although they are sought to erase here we can show you what are the secrets that the Church hides Catholic and its headquarters the Vatican.

The worst and most cruel Papal Bull

In antiquity the authority that the popes and the Catholic Church had on almost all matters of the political and social life of the old continent was absolute. The Pope came to be a being that was above all established authority, to whom decisions had to be consulted before taking them for the different crowns and this one issued a Papal Bull that was a holy word and had to be fulfilled. This lent itself to unjust, absurd and abominable things.

Among the things that emerged from these Papal Bulls is the case when Christopher Columbus discovered America, these lands must have been owned by the crown of Portugal, but the Pope decided to give it to the crown of Castile as the Bull Inter caetera says . But there is also a terrible Bull where one of these popes declared by divine mandate a bull in which he ordered the mutilation of the sexual organs to black men to consider this color was a reference to satan himself. From this last aberration it was known why a bishop mistakenly mentioned it.

What religion did the Nazis have? the Catholic Church inspired them

We all know about the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazis, but what few people stop to think about is what religion was Hitler? Since the end of the Second World War, both Christians and Catholics have openly denied that the Nazis belonged to their respective beliefs, but the truth is that it was Adolf Hitler himself who in a speech said the following:

I learned a lot from the Jesuits, so far in the world there has been nothing greater than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I modeled this organization on that of my own party. I have been criticized for my harshness, but what I would never do is apply tortures as severe as those of the church.               Adolfo Hitler

Also on another occasion in the middle of a private meeting with Artur Dinter the leader of Germany said:

To achieve power, it is important not to get rid of the Catholic Church, which has great influence in Germany… We must show the Catholics of Germany that they are in safer hands with the National Socialists, than with those of the Center Party.
Adolfo Hitler

Evidently Hitler there is confessing his admiration for the Catholic Church and even that it served as inspiration to structure the Nazi party. But the Church refuses to acknowledge its relationship with this sinister character in history, although from what could be seen in that speech it seems that it was its main teacher, we could conclude then that Hitler and the Nazis were professed in their own way of religion catholic Right or not?, we leave you the following video for you to draw your conclusions.


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