For many it is normal to hear about people who collect objects, such as bottles, postcards or stamps, among other common things. But, just as there are these people who collect common objects, there are other people who have not so common objects in their collections, so here we will present you in great detail which are the strangest collections in the world, many of them will surprise you.

Paper dolls

We will start this count with Malin Fritzell a Swiss woman, who has dedicated part of her life to collecting paper dolls, about the beginning of this hobby there is not much information, but since the 60’s to date, she has managed to collect more of 5,000 paper dolls.

Jokers Collection

Tony De Santis is an Italian magician, who has in his possession the largest collection of Jokers that exists in the world, this amazing collection is made up of more than 8,500 letters of Joker, making it unique in the world, since all the images are unique and different. This hobby began with a promise that Tony made after inheriting from his friend and mentor a collection of 2,000 letters, he promised to continue with this hobby, since then, Tony De Santis devotes part of his life to travel the world in search of new pieces for your collection.

Fluff of his Navel

This is one of the strangest collections in the world and the most unpleasant of our list, your collector is Graham Barker, who had the crazy idea to remove fluff from his own belly button. This man has done this for more than thirty years, and as a result of this has managed to accumulate 22 grams of fluff, getting to sell a museum the first three bottles of his collection, for a sum of money that was not disclosed.

Chewing gum

Barry Chappell has chewed more than 90,000 chewing gums, and his collection of chewing gums is summarized in a gigantic ball of almost 80 kilos. This man was an inveterate smoker, who decided to leave his vice after the birth of his first child, and replaced the cigarette with nicotine gum, was how he started this hobby that over the years has become a fun project for him.

Celebrity Hair

The collections that this man has are quite varied, ranging from historical documents to autographs of illustrious people. His collector is John Reznikoff, who is a specialist in preserving history for future generations, and among its main collections is to collect the hair of historical figures, among the most outstanding are Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein and even that of Marilyn Monroe.

Vomiting Bags

A total of 6,290 bags of seasickness and vomiting is the exact number of Niek Vermeulen’s collection. For more than 40 years, Niek has been collecting seasick balls and vomiting from more than 1,000 different airlines, in more than 160 different countries. Since 1986, he holds this record for the collection of balls, which he says is his favorite bag is one of the Columbia space shuttle belonging to NASA and which spent 16 days in space.

Autographs with your own name

This guy’s hobby is collecting autographs, but not the usual autographs of celebrities. Paul Schmelzer asked famous politicians, writers and movie stars to copy his name “Paul”. Today it has more than 70 autographs with its name, in the handwriting of famous people, considering it one of the strangest collections in the world.


The photos that this girl has are very curious, called Pikabellechu, has a very strange fascination for the Pokémon, which led her to enter the Guinness Record for having the largest collection of these animated characters. Its collection consists of more than 20,000 items related to Pokémon, from dolls, to cars and costumes, which makes it a unique collection in the world.

Plastic food

This is the largest collection of food reproductions made of plastic that exists in the world, with more than 8,000 pieces, which gave it a place in the Guinness Record book. The name of the owner of this collection is Akiko Obata, a Japanese woman, which contains in her collection from hamburgers and donuts, to cakes and some dishes of Japanese origin, the size of these pieces ranges from very small to large ones. size.

Shoes Collection

This collection is the one that every woman dreams of having. Darlene Flynn owns the largest collection of shoes, who managed to enter the Guinness Record book by owning more than 14,000 pairs, which she has gathered for more than 12 years. Among these objects, we can highlight a replica of the Cinderella glass slipper and a boot of her beloved grandmother. This massive collection takes over the whole house of this woman, even in the bar area and the pool.

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