The true story of The Devil

The devil, throughout the history of humanity, has been with us, regardless of the luminous religions that hope in some way to raise the spirit and consciousness of people this is another being that drains the opposite direction. He is the devil, he is the angel who had the nerve to stand beside God because he was chosen as the most perfect, the closest to the only creator, and therefore he decided to betray him because he felt at the same level. He has talked a lot but here we will tell you the true story of Lucifer.

What does Lucifer mean?

The name is already well known to those who worship the devil. Lucifer refers to the one who carries the light, the one who carries the knowledge, the intelligence, hence some who adore him.

On the other hand, it is the same to say lucifer, luzbel, belcebú, in categorical or cultural terms. This is a horrifying creature with giant wings like a bat, but they have made a mistake. The bible itself states it as the most beautiful of all the angels, but of course, this other feature was hidden.

Strictly speaking, among his great plays are the temptations he made to Jesus, the way in which he had to debate a duel and was defeated. All the encounters of the devil are found in the sacred books.

Lucifer, fallen angel

If it’s bad, there’s no doubt about it, lucifer is the one who harasses. The plan of the devil is that we live thinking that we are separate or individual entities that we can make a race alone and apart for what we have been created and commanded, devil means the one that separates, is someone who when everything is united says we are not different, you are better, you are worse, you are like that.

They say that the great strategy that satan has in its different factions is that it forces you to steal, lie, destroy, only all of that is summarized in a single strategy that is defame, accuse to divide, that makes you feel different because of the fact, separated from the others. The desire to feel hurt by others with the ability to respond back or take what does not belong.

Who is lucifer?

There are great historians who say that it is enough to separate from the distance of a camel from the truth to fall immediately into hell, and this has to do with temptations.

Even those people that the devil sees that has a spiritual regiment in life, that they say “I am fine”, “I have a healthy life”, “I treat my family well”, “I eat better”, then, the devil tempts them to become proud and it turns out that the person self affirms self that is good, that has done such a good spiritual work that it feels, and is better than the others. Christianity calls it “the sin” of compusticience, to feel so touched by the goodness, that you feel better person than the others and the devil is definitely there.

According to the stories when GOD, at some point, when there was only the army of angels and was about to create the human being, makes a test to his angels, including Lucifer, who was at his side and you will help me see how many angels are able to undergo this test and what it does:

He calls his son Jesus and introduces him to all his angels and tells them:

“My angels, this is my son, you owe him respect, homage, he is just like me, this earthly biological man, who suffers, will die, you have to kneel before him.”

The angels surrendered before him, and when satan sees him and says: if he asks me this, I have to help men, I have to super powers, I know everything, I can respect dead that I can destroy entire cities, because I have to bow to this bag of human flesh that is imperfect, that is mortal, the test did not pass from there, but if I almost like you and GOD tell me to bend before him, and separate and finally, it took a third of the angels thus creating the demons. Satan can not stand the possibility, but bow to another representative with all the defects of humans.

Lucifer’s Story

There are several categories of angels among them: angels, archangels, cherubs, seraphim, in fact satan was cherub meaning those who are custodians of the maximum knowledge, he was so intelligent that he became evil, which tells you what intelligence is the excess knowledge is not a valid path necessarily to understand, is the path of simplicity of humility where you can equal the truth but not the excess of knowledge because it will make you selfish, it is here where the archangel Michael who was the one hunting dragons tells the legend, this is not reflected in the bible but if in the apocryphal texts, he was in his warriors quality one of the few that could cope and defeat him and win the first battle that occurred in heaven exposed them to the Earth together with all his demons.

Before the apple of Adam and Eve, between good and evil, the feeling of seeking forgiveness is generated, say all Christian cultures that follow GOD that: GOD in this game of life is a being of unity and move to a state of multiplicity from the stars that generate life, from animals, plants that are sacred and do not think they have a kind of dream.

The only ones that can be forgiven are human beings, who are a reflection of image imitation of similarity who can return to the origin that is GOD, angels, animals, goblins, fairies, creatures of low astral, fauns, satyrs, has no possibility, born in their condition and die under that birth structure, and even religions that have nothing to do with the Christian as the Buddhist, Jain are also in agreement with that, only the man is that it is so difficult to find a body to to be able to ascend one should take advantage of the lapse of life of trying to return to GOD because nobody else can.

Who is Satan? – The devil, Adam and Eve

When satan condemned to live on earth with his demons expelled from the heavenly realms realizes that GOD continues with his plan, makes in his image and weeks a man from clay or mud, then from his rib according to the Christian tradition they take a piece from the man and a woman makes him a partner.

Adam and Eve live naked, they are the only creatures with intelligence that put names to plants, animals, rivers and everything else. However they have no conscience, they live in a state of joy for GOD, imitating their ability to create understanding, but conscience is missing.

As a further proof of everything he creates, he places two trees, the tree of eternal life and the tree of knowledge, and tells them:

They will never eat of this, they do not hide it, but they place it so that man sees it always, the devil decides to corner himself in the form of a snake, goes wrong with man and then goes with the woman, in some cultures, knowledge is born and It has a snake shape, tempts them and tells them: when you eat of that fruit it will make you eternal, and you manage to break the relationship and this was the last play you made.

What does GOD do with man, does the same thing that he did with Lucifer, and his demons expel them from paradise even though they are on earth.

Lucifer demon

Because of Lucifer, the woman is provoked by childbirth pains, she talks about the offspring of creating children that the human creature will continue living through them, the man begins to generate, the first thing they do is to see themselves naked and they are ashamed and aware of that, something happens, the separation passes.

When you know something you understand it, the symbol is to divide so to understand something you have to separate it from the rest that is not recommended, you have to separate it from the rest, not so much knowledge brings ailments, it brings suffering but not the recognition that is, I don’t I need to know nothing, but I am complete that I am attached to all things, but nevertheless, being alone needed to nominate place, names and separate a number of things, begin to divide, do the work of the devil.

The temptation of Lucifer to Jesus

The trick of Adam and Eve was the first attempt, when he failed in the celestial battle, failed this second attempt, and failed the third attempt that was when the son of GOD goes to the desert, where Jesus makes his last recollection.

Jesus knowing what awaited him and how his human side resisted, asking his father, the devil appears and makes 3 temptations and Jesus expelled him. It is precisely in the temptations according to the Christian culture where our worst danger is.

Adoration to the devil

There are many areas that give worship to the domain, are of a character and very powerful intellectual character, for example, Chassidism this is a religion that appeals to have the highest status of knowledge, that is, become a separate creature, but given your tremendous culture places you above the spheres of the bulldozer, of people who do not understand.

Bring with it pride, betrayal etc. There are the telemas that adore the sidis, this would be a Luciferian version of the ancient Egyptian.

Also the same knowledge, enjoyments, patrimonial using the 5 senses of your body that is what they are for.

The freemasons beyond these knowledge worshipers very powerful in their networks of public influence the truth that they even have an aspiration towards GOD who is called the architect of the universe also do not deny and how they would be if knowledge is their Great treasure has to wait for the devil to deliver such a treasure.

Those who approach lucifer is the categorical pride of our race that simply hopes to obtain such knowledge, that like the devil reproduces that feeling of feeling so superior that finally the worst condemnation is that betray the divine essence.

Appearances of The Devil

Now, throughout the history of Lucifer, many have been his appearances. Both in the Bible and today, in fact, many people record phenomena where they have seen it, feel the smell of sulfur and have evil in front Of their eyes.

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