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People who investigate mysteries and enigmas are usually because they have seen or have lived one or several experiences that cannot be explained and that science hasn’t found any logical reason. The scientific world has greatly helped on our understanding of the mysteries of this universe, but there is still a part that hasn’t could be explained, something that many ancient philosophers, alchemists and wise men have been mentioning that ends up on phenomena that actually happen but have no explanation. These phenomena such as sleep paralysis, strange shadows, noises and paranormal activity that are witnessed by a lot of innocent people, who do not get support or an explanation but a fence that seems to block any information that allow them to define these phenomena that are experienced very often, maybe with the intention that they remain hidden. In this article we are going to talk about the 5 body states according to the research of Andrea Pellegrino, which must be in perfect harmony and when that not happens, is when these strange or paranormal phenomena appear.

The 5 body states according to Andrea Pellegrino.

The book “Hidden Anatomy” is an investigation where Andrea Pellegrino wants to answer the many questions that exist related to the universe and human body. This book talks about 5 levels that our body has, from which the paranormal phenomena can be detached, these are states that form us as living beings and one state cannot live without the other, they complement each other, but in special conditions when one of these states is separated from the body that is when paranormal phenomena occur. These five astral and etheric levels are: physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal body.

Physical Body.

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Physical body.

Physical body is that one what we are made of, it is like a living shell that is part of our whole being on the earthly plane, it is mortal, it is in constant change, gets old, and it can be in three states: liquid (our blood), gas (all gas we have inside us) and the solid that is all that makes up our organs, muscles and bones. It’s the level that anchors us on earth, but this level requires other four superior levels to give that spark that maes this shell to move and be alive.

Etheric Body.


According to the ancient masters and great alchemists, the etheric body is something material like a magnetic field that covers all the physical body, although it is invisible. Science has been able to determine that every living body has a small magnetic field and this would be the etheric body. The function of the etheric body is to balance all the forces that mischief us and that interact with the physical body. The etheric body is in charge of anchoring the astral body to our person.

If the etheric body become weak, we could have sleeping issues, even negative energies could affect our physical body and make us feel supernatural phenomena, strange and unpleasant sensations.

Astral Body.

astral body

We have heard many times people who say they have seen their own bodies gettinp up from it and traveled to incredible places and see people who had not known or had very real experiences out of their physical body. Science explains this as the subliminal mind, which is the capacity of our brain to keep memories of our day and replay them in our dreams. But the old masters said that the world of dreams is the connection with an astral plane, where the astral body would be our vehicle and the energy would be the emotions.

In this astral dimension we interact with other astral bodies of people that try to show their emotions. The astral body measures more than 50 centimeters and is wrapping the etheric body, its center would be the navel. In this body is where many people experience the known sleep paralysis, shadow views or bedroom visitors.

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Mental Body.

mental body

This is one of the most complex bodies; the ancient magicians used the energy of the mind to transmute what they needed and create things in the real plane. We have an example of this in voodoo, a very common practice in Haiti that has killed many people, but people do not die for spiritual entities invoked, but what kills them is the fear of the own voodoo, this is how the mind affects us, when something that does not exist has a real effect then it materializes. Another example is the law of attraction, where the mind can attract and turn into reality everything it creates; it is the mind that produces the reality of the universe.

Causal Body.

causal body

This level is where self-consciousness and experience reside in us even after we die; this level is defined like the human soul and gives us awareness of our own life. This body is born just when we receive the spark of life in the womb, it keeps and retains all our experiences and memories after death, even when we die the causal body continues existing, it is as if the universe kept the experiences of all living beings and their time line. It is believed that this body is what creates these paranormal phenomena as the well-known ghosts or entities, this explains the apparitions of deceased children, nuns in convents, men in cemeteries, etc.

We can conclude that science can be good to study the mysteries of the universe, but let’s not forget the ancestral concepts, because these can help us to discover the same but with a higher level of knowledge. The ancient masters tried to tell us the following: we are not only matter, we are something else, a spiritual side that humanity has forgotten by thinking only about superficial things like the physical body, we must not ignore the other 4 levels of our body that can end up being our refuge when we don’t exist in this physical world anymore.

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