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Surely you already know the story of the Titanic; this was the largest transatlantic ship around the world by the time it was created in 1912, that ended in a tragedy when it collapsed taking thousands of lives to the bottom of the sea. But that historical fact left many questions and enigmas, mysteries of the titanic that even today arouse curiosity in many researchers that manage to decipher the most disturbing secrets hidden by the tragedy of the biggest ship that has sunk so far. We will then reveal some of these secrets, among which is the fact that some of its passengers, like Jack Dawson, may have been time travelers.

Prediction of the Titanic’s sinking

More than a century has passed since that terrible tragedy, but shocking secrets are still being discovered, which surprise even the most skeptical. One of these secrets is known as the most precise and accurate prediction of the Titanic’s tragedy, in a magazine that circled 14 years earlier in 1898 called Futility. In that magazine whose author was Morgan Robertson, it tells the story of the sinking of an ocean liner called Titan, which sinks into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean when it hits an iceberg.


The coincidences between the Titanic and the Titan of the story told in Futility are incredible; they coincide not only fanatically but also in the weight, capacity and length. Robertson also tells in his story that the Titan was a ship of excessive luxuries that didn’t carry enough lifeboats, in addition, and in case there was no need for coincidences, in Titan’s story the captain’s last name also coincides with that of Titanic’s captain, a chilling coincidence or a precise prediction is still a mystery.

Donwload “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan”

SOS messages from Titanic’s ghosts

On April 15, 1972 Lloyd Dethmer, who served as radiotelegraphist for the American ship Theodore Roosevelt, he received a message requesting help, better known as an SOS, but although the message was not entirely clear, Lloyd could clearly distinguish that the ship that was sending the SOS had the name of “Titanic”. Dethmer immediately informed his superiors, and the instruction he received was very clear: do nothing and continue the programmed course. When they arrived from the sea, representatives of the Secret Service told the whole crew that this message had never happened and that what they heard was a bad joke.

But Dethmer was sure that it was not a joke, and it seemed very strange to him that it was the secret service that gave those explanations, therefore, he decided to start his own investigation to determine what had really happened and the origin of those SOS calls. Inquiring with colleagues and reviewing the history reports of other crews, found that these so-called help ghosts from the Titanic were being heard with a frequency of 6 years: in 1924, in 1930, 1936, etc. Being the last message heard in April of 1996 in the Quebec ship reported by the Canadian press, without a doubt this was a very strange and mysterious fact that until now still has no explanation.

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Titanic passengers, who traveled in time, appear

In the year 1990 a September 24, a fishing boat with a Norwegian flag discovered in the northern Atlantic more than 300 km south-west of Iceland, a young girl sitting shaking on an iceberg, in the middle of nowhere. She told them that her name was Winnie Coutts and she asks them insistently for the other Titanic’s passengers. The crew took her to Oslo where the authorities took her for a madwoman, although some details began to be revealed with a lot of curiosity and it was that indeed in the passenger list of the Titanic there was the name of Winnie Coutts, besides, the clothing that she wore was in line with the fashion of the early twentieth century.

Later a similar event happened, only one year later in 1991, on this occasion another Norwegian ship doing maritime research, discovered almost in the same place about 600 km south west of Iceland to an elderly man in White Star Line uniform, which was the company that owned the Titanic, in the same way as the girl, was taken to Oslo and they did a fingerprint analysis, which surprisingly coincided with that of Titanic captain Edward Smith.

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But then, what could have happened to these people? what is officially known is that the captain died aboard the Titanic, and in Winnie Coutts’ case, although it is known that she survived, the records say that she died later in 1960. We are then faced with an inexplicable case of involuntary time travelers? It is no coincidence that these two people found in the same place in the middle of the sea, said that they came from the ship that sank so many years ago, ¿time Phenomenon?, ¿Interconnection between two worlds?, Distortion space-time?, Without doubt this is a phenomenon that is still under investigation. For now, the Titanic is still submerged in the depths of the sea, each day revealing more of its mysteries.

Below is a video that shows other interesting coincidences or mysteries of the Titanic:


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