True Origin of The Statue of Liberty represent Lucifer

Much has been said about The Statue of Liberty, how tall it is, what is the statue made of… This statue represents for Americans a symbol of freedom and democracy, but few have stopped to detail its origin and dark secrets that surround its true meaning, in this article we will tell you why is affirmed that the Statue of liberty is a representation of Lucifer and is cataloged by some, as the most important monument to Devil on Earth which is said that it’s been protected even from such terrible events as the September 11 attack.

Although the Statue it’s called Liberty, it’s actually a man.

the statue of liberty represents the devil

Located strategically in Liberty Island, this majestic statue has received millions of immigrants and visitors over the years who arrive from the old continent and the rest of the world to the US, but according to recent resarches the figure that is holding a torch with a crown and a robe is actually a man and not a woman as it was previously thought due to the association of the meaning of freedom with a woman.

What was known was that Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was inspired on her mother’s face to make the sculpture but in recent writings that have been found, it shows that the one who posed for the design of the lady Liberty was his brother. Seeing well this statue features, they are not as refined as they should be, if you pay attention on the details there are male traces in the hand muscles that holds the torch and in the face.

Freedom Monument is a Masonic symbol.

Statue of Liberty

One of the little-known mysteries of this statue is that its author Frédéric Auguste is from Masonic origin. When the Statue of Liberty located in New York, is examined in detail hidden messages of the Masonic and the illuminati symbology can be found. Proof of this is a picture where Frédéric can be seen hiding his hand in the same way Napoleon did in  his paintings what shows that he was part of the Masonic lodge.

For illuminatis, knowledge is the most sacred thing that a human being has, because it represents light. And the Statue of Liberty hason his head a crown with jags, but today it has been known that these jags are rays of light  that don’t symbolize freedom or democracy but the light holder of knowledge who is Lucifer or how is called in our culture the Devil, but these lodges don’t see it as an evil being but the possessor of the supreme knowledge of things.

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Number 7 is very present on The Statue.

For Illuminatis, number 7 is very important, what explains why the crown of the statue has 7 jags, but that’s not everything, under these jags there are 25 cavities, and for numerologists is a figure that symbolizes 7 because 2 + 5 = 7, its interior is supported by 16 pillars, once again 1 + 6 = 7, the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall and here we go again 1 + 5 + 1 = 7. Number 7 symbolizes absolute perfection and the connection between man and enlightenment.

Princess Diana, Masons and the Statue of Liberty.

Speaking of knowledge symbols, it is no coincidence that in Paris, the place where the gift of the Statue of Liberty is from, there is a monument to Princess Diana which is an exact replica of the flame that has the torch of the statue made by Frédéric and that today call Liberty. The death of this beloved woman has much to do with illuminatis and the symbolism that we found in the Statue of Liberty, therefore, there is a monument in Paris that commemorates her death with the flame of wisdom shape, coincidence? We don’t think so.

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Statue of Liberty is a Luciferian Deity.

Statue of Liberty, Lucifer, Devil Statue, Illuminati, Freemasons, Statue of LibertyThroughout history we have seen different demonic deities and mythologies who have some elements similar to the representation of this monument to freedom that is in New York, one of these examples is the Goddess Libertas, a Roman goddess who represents pagan freedom to which Masons worshiped, this goddess has a very similar crown and a robe to the one we see in the Statue of Liberty.

Therefore we can conclude that who is represented in this statue is Lucifer holding the torch of knowledge and from his head emerges the light of knowledge promoted by the Masonic lodge and specially illuminatis, that according to conspiracy theorists are those who control the world today and wanted to immortalize in this statue the devil, that for the rest of us is an evil being but according to their beliefs it represents the supreme knowledge.

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