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We all have heard very varied information about NASA, which is a North American space agency that holds a large number of secrets, unknown technologies and contacts with beings from another planet. But currently there are many people, who have worked on these projects and then have been separated for various reasons, they have commented on space programs that involve the earth, the moon and the planet Mars. The case we are going to analyze is about one of these individuals, Randy Cramer, who claims to have worked in a secret program that led him to stay for 17 years on the planet Mars.

Randy Cramer and his relationship with NASA.

Not only is it an isolated story of a man telling how he lived on the planet Mars, also these facts coincide very precisely with other sources such as Mufon is the most serious research agency UFO that tell how the great world elites secretly prepare a process of colonization of the planet Mars.

Many have warned of these plans and have been able to disassociate themselves from NASA in order to tell the world the truth of what is happening, one of them is Randy Cramer, a man who claims to have been on Mars for 17 years on instructions from this space agency and his story is simply shocking. Cramer says that he was recruited by NASA when he was 17 years old to be part of a special program that took him to the hidden side of the Moon where he could verify the existence of secret bases.

How did Randy Cramer get to Planet Mars?

randy cramer

As a beginning we must say that Cramer’s stories coincide with other of people talking about advanced technology controlled by humanity on planet Mars, these stories give an account of the type of ship in which humans have been transferred to the red planet. The stories agree that the ships with which they moved to Mars are triangular with lights in the lower part that allow them to boost their anti-gravity field. These ships have been seen in many parts of the world by people who identified them as UFOs.

The triangular ships according to Randy Cramer were made with the remains of advanced spaceships of extraterrestrial type that had crashed on earth and that had been reconstructed adapted to that technology with the help of extraterrestrial beings with which the NASA has been in contact for many years.

Randy Cramer’s experience on Mars.

According to Cramer, Mars was colonized by humans in the 60s and from that moment began a very ambitious project to establish human bases there, which finally in 1975 were installed with the first objective of extracting minerals. Cramer also says that it was a corporation that is responsible for managing all projects on Mars which recruiting and training him along with thousands of young people more like super soldiers.

Marte segun Randy Cramer

Cramer also said that the atmosphere of Mars is similar to that of the earth and although the air is denser, you can breathlessly breathe for humans, but despite this, a special suit is necessary to be able to do any work outside the bases because oxygen is very little. Randy Cramer also said that there is abundant vegetation on the planet in some areas that are not currently known and that the sky is blue when the sun is setting but during the day the sky is purple and red. This latest information has been admitted by NASA in its latest revealed photographs.

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There is extraterrestrial life on Mars according to Cramer.

This intriguing former agent of NASA also revealed that on the planet Mars there are two types of beings that are native to the planet and that dominate certain territories, a race of reptiles and another race of insects, both endowed with intelligence and sometimes during the time he was there battles between them for controls in the territories of the planet. But what is more intriguing in this story is that, according to Cramer after 17 years of fulfilling missions on this red planet, one day after sleeping, he woke up in his room being 17 years old again, but strangely they could not erase from his mind the memories of this experience.

What do you think? It would be only a dream or was Randy Cramer really all that time on Mars and then it was returned, manipulating the space-time by extraterrestrial beings in agreement with the humans that control the world? And if so, then, how many of us could have been used in the same way, only that the memory erasure was successful?

Documentary with Randy Cramer’s story.

Here you have a documentary about Randy Cramer’s story in video format YouTube we hope you find it useful to expand the information of such a shocking story.

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