fantasma la reforma

Mexico City I known by its large number of inhabitants, it is among the 20 most populated cities in the world with 22 million inhabitants, but it is also known its wide avenues and very extensive roads through which millions of vehicles circulate daily. There, precisely in one of those streets, was caught by security cameras a ghost in La Reforma, one of the main avenues of Mexico City.

Video of the Phantom Captured in La Reforma Avenue of México.

In this video you can see the Avenue very clear, due to the time at which the shot took place 2:20 in the morning time in which just a few vehicles are passing around. After a few seconds of the beginning of the shot, it is observed how a car moves at average speed towards the intercession of one of the ways, and just at the moment the car is going through the grated you can watch what seems to be a little girl or a woman with dark hair who is overpasses by the vehicle without causing her any damage and then she disappears.

Analysis of the ghost’s video in La Reforma Avenue ¿Real or Fake?

The first thing we have to say is that on Internet exist thousands of ghost videos, in those videos we can observe how they are overpassed by cars, buses and different vehicles like trains etc. Something that draws attention of this video is some details that we have check:

  1. This I not a fan video, is from a security camera on the streets of México, which gives it an important weight of realism.
  2. Our team has been checking on this material with special applications to insert ghosts on videos and we can say that it has no tricks at least not one easy to detect.
  3. The ghost image of this girl or woman (this is not clear yet) it can be seen from different angles of the security cameras and the perspective matches in the 4 angles, it is very easy to digitally insert a ghost in 1 shot, but in 4 shots of different angles, it is very complicated.

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Finally we can say that this is one of those ghost videos that have been captured in security cameras, and that remain for now in the mystery due to its realism and quality.

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